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Cerita Kuliner La Crêperie @ PIK - nuraisya blog

Please do forgive me first for the latepost, a lot had happened at the end of 2014. From my vacation to Garut and Bandung, hearing the sad news that my dearest uncle passed away and I need to fly to Medan for his funeral and so on. So here I am writing with excuses (bad habit Novi...), anyway let me continue with the review. I will take you to La Crêperie, a small French restaurant located at PIK that famous for the crepes and ciders. 

The restaurant itself consists of outdoor and indoor seats, when it come to Jakarta especially PIK's dry and hot weather I prefer to sit inside. Love all the murals done here, really make you feel as if you're in the middle city of Paris sipping and enjoying your drink while chatting with your friends. 

Inner part of the resto, forgive me for not taking the picture for the outdoor part
Not prolong it any longer, let's start our feast. Probably many of you are confused when reading the menu since a lot of them came in French like Galette, Poulet and many more that immediately bring back funny moments when me and my friends ordering food in Paris couple years before. Lucky here you have the waiter who can translate and explain them when you ordering. And here are some of them... 

Hungry people can't wait
Breakfast Galette
IDR 59.000
One of savoury crêperies, this one consists of the galette (buckwheat pancake), mixed salad, egg, chicken and boiled spinach. A healthy breakfast I say.

Tiramisu Flambé Crepe
IDR 55.000
Another from crêperies collection, just like its name this sweet crepe along with the tiramisu ice cream on top cooked with flambé technique. As soon as it served, liquor poured on it to create flame that's why it called flambé which mean flamed in French. Quite an attraction to watch and tasty too, a must try!

Poulet Aglio
IDR 86.000
Poulet or chicken in French combined with aglio olio pasta, what can be more perfect than this. First aglio olio always been my favorite, next the chicken, diced potatoes, broccolis cooked and blended well. My pick main course!

Peanut Butter Burger
IDR 56.500
If you're looking for something different you should try this dish. The burger came with beef patty and bacons poured with peanut butter, maybe odd at first bite but you'll back for more and more bites just like I did. Served together with french fries and mixed salad.

Cheese French Fries
IDR 59.000
Perfect snack to forget about my diet, too good to resist. French fries with melted cheese, bacon slices and a sunny side up on top of it. Totally my pick!

IDR 36.000
Another good snacking, croquettes with melted cheese filling and a dip sauce. I looove these small round balls. Too bad we have to shared, one sure is not enough.

Calamari served with tartar sauce
IDR 39.000
There's nothing to describe more about this, just like the name it's calamari accompanied with tartar sauce.

Our Welcome Drink

Strawerry Mojito
IDR 30.500

La Creperie's Punch
IDR 31.500
My choice of drink that day. One of the thirst quenchers collection, perfect sweetness a total refreshment.

Blue & Red Mojito
IDR 30.500

Nutella Frappe
IDR 43.000
This one is a must try, as far as I know no one can't resist nutella's charm. As a chocolate and nutella's fan this taste heaven!

Hot Dutch Chocolate
IDR 32.000

Elderflower Flute (900 ml)
IDR 115.000 / bottle (up to 10 cups)
As I mention before another speciality here is the cider. Served in a big flute bottle, you can see the serving steps at the picture above (clockwise from upper left), refreshing both came from the cider and the fresh fruits. For whose on a diet, drinking this after a big meal is a good option to burn the fat.

My favorite mural "Alley Cat", did I just name it? No, there's no specific title to that actually.
The silent witness for our feast that day.
Okay, that's all I can share about La Crêperie. Overall it's a good place to hangout with good food and a lot choices of drinks. So, don't hesitate to come and try your own experiences here. See you soon ^.^

Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No.7
Pantai Indah Kapuk

Phone 021 2952 5754

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