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Cerita Kuliner Breakfast @ Carnivor Barbecue Specialist PIK - nuraisya blog

Like a famous motto "A good breakfast start your day right", Carnivor Barbecue Specialist now providing us with their breakfast menus so we can start our days right. They open earlier than usual too, from 7.30 AM the whole week except for Monday. After 11.00 AM open as usual with their regular menus. As you might know, Carnivor open at Kelapa Gading, Sentul, PIK and Sunter. But for now these breakfast menus only available at Carnivor PIK, our destination that day. Located at Rukan Golf Pantai Indah Kapuk, not far from PIK Hospital and after a few turns finally we arrived. 

Carnivor PIK
Ready to have a good breakfast?
Entering the restaurant you'll notice right away how the atmosphere inside the restaurant designed to support their mission to bring us closer to the city of New York while enjoying their famous ribs, steaks, pizza and flavor beers that come in affordable price. The front area of the restaurant much more brighter than the back with all those wide windows, it maybe hotter at day to sit here but for eating breakfast I think this is the best spot. Looking around, wooden tables and chairs well arranged throughout the room. Further to the back plenty of cool New York's pictures decorating their brick walls, which according to the owner were taken by his friend who lives there. Overall it's a cool place to eat and hangout with your friends, colleages or family.

Bartender in action preparing our drinks
Candles and spotlights is a common sight here
New York's life freezed on these frames telling you their stories
Antiques never failed to lift up the quality of a room
Carnivor welcoming you for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Heading to the most crucial and waited moment, the BREAKFAST! Before we start, a little note here that some of the menus contain pork, but don't worry you can always switch pork with other halal meat. The waitress also kind enough to remind us when ordering. Now let's not wait any longer to taste those tempting menus, shall we?


Carnivor Big Breakfast, IDR 69.000
Two eggs to your liking wether scramble or sunny side up, baked beans sauce, streaky pork bacon, sausage bratwurst, sauteed mushroom, and white toast. This is the menu I picked, totally love it especially the crisp bacon and super soft scramble eggs. Not to fond with the sauce though. Big Breakfast definitely will charge your energy bar fully even for the toughest day.

Spanish Hash, IDR 65.000
Potato, sausage bratwurst and pork ham diced together then doused with hollandaise sauce. Served together with a poached egg and toast bread.

Crouque Monsieur, IDR 48.000 - 55.000
White or wheat toast with optional toppings:
Meat Lover cream sauce, onion, mushroom, sausage, ham, streaky bacon.
Bacon and Egg cream sauce, onion, mushroom, slice boiled egg, streaky bacon.
Pepperoni tomato sauce, slice tomato, pepperoni, sausage.
Mix Cheese tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, cream cheese.

Shakshouka, IDR 68.000
The famous Tunisian dish for breakfast, sizzling pan of homemade tomato, onion, studded with sausage, ham, crowned with two eggs, toasted bread and mesclun salad.

Egg Benedict, IDR 45.000 - 65.000 (right)
You can choose between Smoked Ham, Streaky Bacon or Salmon along with two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and sauteed mushroom on top of fun breads. We also tried a dish that has similar combination as Egg Benedict (left). The differences are breads switched to puff pastry which make it more crunchier and another plus point are the pop fried cassavas, the better and tastier combination I'd say.


Mix Juices, IDR 27.500
Choose your favorite mix of two kind of fresh fruits from orange, mango, soursop, strawberry, guava, green apple, carrot, and tomato. So refreshing!

Avocado Affogato, IDR 32.000
Nope I didn't order this, just a little curious about the name. A mix between blended avocado and affogato (ice cream poured with espresso).

Banana Butterscotch Latte, IDR 23.000
A mix of hot latte and butterscotch syrup with a touch of banana flavor and chips. Too sweet for me, perhaps lessening the syrup a bit will make it more delicious and balance.


Bread Pudding, IDR 32.000
Warm oven baked bread with raisin, served with a scoop of ice cream. My favoriteee... the sweetness just right, the bread so moist along with the vanilla ice cream make it more perfect.

Waffle, IDR 30.000 - 35.000
Waffles with a scoop of ice cream. The waffles come in original, chocolate, strawberry or hazelnut flavor. Looking for the sweet crunchy dessert, this is your best pick.

Creme Brulee, IDR 35.000
Soft creme brulee with fresh strawberries on top. Another tasty dessert with the right sweetness amount. Definitely thumbs up!

Apple Crumble, IDR 35.000 (left)
Oven baked caramelized apple topped with crumbles and a scoop of ice cream. Actually I'm a big fan of apple and caramel, but this dessert failed to impress me. It's okay but not great.
Choco Volcano, IDR 38.000 (right)
Oven baked chocolate melt served with a scoop of ice cream. It's chocolate and ice cream what can goes wrong with that combination.

*All prices above are subject to goverment tax 10% and service 5%

This conclude the post for my breakfast experience with Carnivor, thank you to Mr. Ridwan (the owner), Miss Shabrina and Mr. Adriantomo for the invitation. Then again all of my comments about the food are based on my personal taste. It probably would end with different results if you come and try them for yourself. So come and have a good breakfast at Carnivor PIK and see you on my next post ^.^

Come on start your day with BREAKFAST at Carnivor!

CARNIVOR Barbecue Specialist
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 11-12,
Bukit Golf Mediterania,
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara

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Cerita Kuliner Marugame Udon @ Grand Indonesia - nuraisya blog

It seems just like yesterday I visit the second outlet of Marugame Udon, now it already reach it's eight outlet on 15th October 2014. Within almost two years Marugame Udon has spread it's wings to every nook and cranny of Jakarta and the surround cities, even Surabaya. For the eight outlet the honor goes to Grand Indonesia which located in the center of Jakarta City. And will adding more outlets at another big cities in the future.

A brief about Marugame Udon & Tempura, a restaurant that brought the open kitchen concept, freshly cooked and self-service of udon, rice and tempura. Under the auspices of PT. Sriboga Marugame Indonesia from PT. Sriboga Group. This authentic Japanese restaurant is a franchise from Marugame Seimen. If you want to see the whole process of how the fresh udon made until it served to your tray you can check my previous post "Marugame Udon @ Gandaria City".

As usual the Japanese atmosphere really thick here too, just like the previous outlets
And now let's give another try for the menus here, perhaps many of you guys already knew and tried them before. Like before, after getting your order and pay there's a little table near the cashier to free-refill your drink. Burst eye chili, onion stalk, sesame seed, ginger and crunchy tempura crumbs (tenkatsu) also available here to add more personal taste to your dish.

Niku Udon, IDR 45.000
Udon with sukiyaki meat slices and kake dashi soup. For those who cannot bear to eat in big portion or want to eat more tempuras, this tasty light udon will suit you best.

Tori Baitang Udon, IDR 45.000
Udon for chicken lover, with clear soup and chicken meatballs. This one is rich in flavor but still cannot beat Mentai Kamatama Udon, my favorite udon here.

Egg Tempura, IDR 8.000
Now for the tempura, this little one always been my favorite. When you bite this tempura, the juicy soft-boiled omega egg will melt in your mouth.

My Tempura, still the same old formation
Beef Croquette, IDR 12.000 (top)
Another favorite of mine. A reminder though this one's a little heavy, so choose your udon wisely to balance the portion.
Cuttle Fish Tempura, IDR 12.000 (bottom left)

A bunch of fries to try
From upper left to lower right:
Ebi (shrimp) Tempura, IDR 14.000
Chicken Chili Tempura, IDR 7.000 green chili with chicken as the filling, never an option before it turn out pretty good and soon my new favorite.
Sweet Potato Tempura, IDR 7.000
Tori (chicken) Tempura, IDR 12.000
Broccoli Tempura, IDR 10.000

Rice Menus
Not into udon, don't worry Rice Menu available:
Tendon Tori Rice, IDR 50.000 (upper left)
Japanese rice with Kakiage (vegetable) Tempura, Egg Tempura and Tori Tempura as the toping.
Tendon Seafood Rice, IDR 50.000 (bottom right)
Japanese rice with Kakiage (vegetable) Tempura, Ebi Tempura and Skewered Tofu Roll.

A pack of blogger, it always fun to hangout with you guys...
(courtesy of Yenny Widjaja)
Well, that conclude my story about Marugame Udon, big thanks to Edwin and Adriantomo for the invitation and congratulations to Marugame Udon for the opening of the eight outlet that is exactly today! See you guys later on another posts ^.^

Grand Indonesia
Shopping Town West Mall Level 3A

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Cerita Kuliner Zomato Foodies Meet Up @ Yo'Panino - nuraisya blog

Exactly last week, IDFB gave an opportunity for me to meet another foodies. For the event this time sponsored by Zomato, Yo'Panino and Tabula Rasa The Movie. So many... yes... because this is not just ordinary meet up like before, this time we are gathered at Yo'Panino to review the restaurant, watching Tabula Rasa The Movie and have a Q&A session with the producer and director of the movie directly. Jelaous? You should be... even I can't thank enough to all the sponsors to be there.

The eye-catchy Yo'Panino's counter
Miss Shabrina from Zomato (the one who stand in the middle), the contact person of this event.
Some of the foodies chit chat and enjoying Yo'Panino's treat, while other busy taking pictures near the counter.
First let me introduce you to one of the sponsor including organizer of this foodies meetup, Zomato. A brief story about Zomato, an online guide to find the best and most suit restaurants around you fully detail with the photos, reviews, addresses, phone numbers and menus yes their menus and prices are available here. Very helpful I say. And like any social medias you can also create your own account and share your eating experiences, connect or follow another foodies. Care to join the fun? Simply download the app to your phone and start exploring...

Cute mug with the logo of Zomato, one of the goodies
Moving further now I will bring up Tabula Rasa The Movie from LifeLike Pictures, I bet many of you curious with the phrase Tabula Rasa. According to Sheila Timothy the producer, the word Tabula Rasa here came from John Locke's theory. Where in his theory he described that the mind of the individual born blank and each individuals are the author of their own soul. Just like the turnabout of Hans's (Jimmy Kobogau) career in the movie, where he must start writing in new blank pages of his life to be a cook at Takana Juo (means "recalled" in Padang) a small Padang restaurant (lapau) and leaving behind his dream of becoming a soccer player because of his disability. And finally after a series of turnevents Hans, a young man from Serui, Papua whose at first stranded in a Padang restaurant at Bogor suceeded becoming a reliable cook there. The same place where he met his new family, Mak Uwo (Dewi Irawan) Takana Juo's owner whose like a mother to Hans, patiently teaching him how to cook a good Padang's food, Natsir (Ramdan Setia) the waitress, a mediator, a partner and a brother to him, and Parmanto (Yayu Unru) previous cook at Takana Juo, teaching him indirectly how to survive and strive back after his betrayal. They all the characters that help Hans build his new confidence and the purposes to live once again.

Cut Rollin and Action! That's how too cook errr rather make a movie?
Look at all the goodies from Tabula Rasa (plus a movie poster, not in this photo)
When watching a movie, I love to dive in as the characters in it. Adriyanto Dewo as the Director of Tabula Rasa able to make me laugh, think, drool (while the cooking process), amaze (by Serui's scenery), curious and cry a bit too. Great job guys, you've manage to make a good movie. It all seems so real, because of all the research and the hard works of the team. You can see their efforts on this behind the scene here. Plus it's the first Indonesian movie that brought up Indonesian food as the good will to unite people. Another plus point of this movie are the soundtracks, I fell in love instantly as soon as I hear them. The fun fact is one of the soundtrack brought and performed by the artist himself (Dialog Dini Hari) as a performer in the movie.

Adriyanto Dewo and Sheila Timothy at Q&A session after watching movie together at XXI.
(sorry for the bad picture, I'm not so good taking pictures of people)
Never miss the chance to take a picture with Sheila Timothy.
She is so pretty, humble and nice in person.
(big thanks to Mba Anne from IDFB for this pic)

And now let's continue with all the food provided by Yo'Panino the host of this event, that kindly enough gave the place, time and especially FOOD... for all of us from start to the end. Located at Plaza Indonesia 4F near the escalator, you can easily spot it with the big logo on the back wall and its bright counter. Yo'Panino was developed in Singapore to bring glorious Asian-inspired sandwiches to the world. The word panino itself in Italy means grilled sandwich that made from bread and fillings then cut horizontally afterward. Beside sandwiches, there's also chopped salads, cold pressed juices, snacks and cookies. Scroll down to find out more...

It's true one bite and then you fall in love...
Yo'Panino's chart, where the path will take you to?
Fresh ingredients waiting to be ordered and made

Sidekicks in action (from left to right)
Chick Pops, Cassava Chips, Buffalo Wings
Chick Pops IDR 24.000
The favorite sidekicks that night, these little pops made from boneless chicken with Yo'Panino's special seasoning. Fried and served with Yo'Aioli sauce.
Cassava Chips IDR 12.000, you can choose between spicy or regular
Buffalo Wings IDR 27.000
Chicken wings marinated in cayenne-pepper hot sauce.

Clockwise from upper left: Chick Pops, Truffle Parmesan Fries, Buffalo Wings, Cassava Chips
Truffle Parmesan Fries IDR 24.000
Crispy shoestring fries with grated parmesan cheese on top, one of my fave
Chilled Classic IDR 12.000
They are Iced Lemon Tea, Homemade Lemonade, Blackcurrant, Milo, Mineral Water

Cold-Pressed Juice
From IDR 36.000 - 42.000
One of Yo'Panino's specialities, after sipping it now I know why. It truly refreshing and hopefully healthy since made from fresh fruits. I tried Berry Fabulous, the mix of Coconut Water, Strawberry and Honey. The sweet from honey to balance the sour from strawberry just right, not too sweet not too sour love it.

Tuna Mayo IDR 39.000
My choice, just like in Yo'Panino's sandwich chart above finally fell to Tuna Mayo. Sandwich of Multigrain Bread as the base with Chunky Tuna-Mayo, Lettuce, Crunchy Cucumber and Black Olives as the fillings. Usually accompanied with Yo'Wasabi Sauce, but you can switch according to your likes. The portion is quite big for me, half portion is enough to fill my tummy or maybe because of the Sidekicks I ate before.

Philly Cheese Steak IDR 69.000
Sliced Rib-Eye, Caramelized Onions, Cheddar Melt, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Garlic Chips flanked with Toasty Farmhouse White bread. The default sauce is Yo'Aioli Sauce.

Speaking of Yo' Sauces, here are the options...
Yo'Barbie-Q a homemade hickory smoked oozy barbecue sauce
Yo'Aioli a unique garlic, mayo and olive oil concoction
Yo'Java fresh roasted peanuts slowly simmered with a unique blend of spiced herbs
Yo'Angry spicy but not so fierce mayo
Yo'Wasabi a versatile combination of fresh wasabi and creamy mayonnaise
Yo'Pesto original Genoa blend of fresh basil, garlic, nuts and parmesan

Sweetkicks (from left to right)
Fresh Baked Cookies IDR 12.000
These big round cookies come in three flavor Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Chip, Almond. My fave is chocolate mint, the taste quite unique and delicious too.
Coconut Squares IDR 18.000, another joy and my fave
Banana Cake IDR 18.000

Care for a bite without getting out, delivery service available (no delivery fee).
You can check the number at the bottom of this post
Phew.. my marathon finished at last, once again thank you so much for Zomato, Yo'Panino, Tabula Rasa and IDFB for inviting me. And for all the foodies I just met there, thank you for the sharing it was fun meeting you all. Hoping there will be another meeting like this for me in the future, so we can meet again. Bye for now...

Narsis time! Fully armored with the cool apron from Tabula Rasa.
Can you guess which one is me?
(courtesy of Shabrina)
Even before entering the studio at XXI, a blur here but nevermind as long as I'm visible ^-^
(courtesy of Shabrina)
Plaza Indonesia 4F - E023I, E023T
Jl.M.H.Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 10350
Tel: 021-29924020