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Cerita Kuliner Ohka Ramen @ PIK - nuraisya blog

This time I will take you to another eating point at PIK, a Japanese restaurant Ohka Ramen. Ohka means Sakura or cherry blossom, while ramen like you all know means noodle in Japanese. That facts conclude our specialities here, Japanese noodles. Before going to the food review let me take you around the restaurant a bit. 

Beautiful lanterns at the backyard seat
Front view of Ohka Ramen
From the moment you took the steps to the door there's a waiter that greed and opening the door for you and showing where you would like to sit. You can easily notice Japanese atmosphere really thick here, even during Christmas theme during my last visit there. You can choose to sit inside for more cool air or at the front porch nor backyard for more fresh air. But for busy hour, seats are due to availability.

Washi, one of the famous paper crafting arts in Japan
Sake anyone?
A glimpse of the open kitchen, there's also seats for you who want to watch the whole cooking process while eating.
Indoor seats
Seasonings and sauces always ready to add personal flavor to your meal
Front porch seats
Backyard seats
I think that's enough for introduction, I will take you to know more about Ohka Ramen which is their food. Here we go...

IDR 18.000
For a starter or more precise your best friend while waiting your orders to be prepared, totally worth the price.

Karaage Spicy Miso Ramen
IDR 56.000
Ramen with spicy miso broth, corns, mushroom, hard boiled egg and fried chicken strips (karaage). The taste probably a bit mild for me, since they called it spicy I expected more than this. But the karaage manage to fix things up.

Karaage Miso Ramen
IDR 56.000
Ramen with miso broth, corns, mushroom, hard boiled egg and fried chicken strips (karaage).

Karaage Miso Tsukemen
IDR 56.000
Ramen with corns, mushroom, hard boiled egg, fried chicken strips (karaage) and separated thick miso broth to dip the ramen. That's right, the proper way to eat tsukemen is to dip the ramen a moment before you put them in your mouth, not by pouring and mix them together. From all the miso ramen we try, this is my favorite so far. A must try!

Gindara Teriyaki
IDR 65.000
Next is this juicy gindara that comes with spaghetti and mix salad. They all tasty and completing each other.

Chicken Katsu Curry
IDR 68.000
My favorite! I mean who doesn't like curry rice? This one is no exception either, the taste is perfect for both the crispy chicken katsu and the thick curry.

Chicken Katsuni Don & NikuUdon (Mini- Mini Set)
IDR 80.000
Just like their name, they all come in mini bowls: a bowl of Niku Udon (beef udon), a bowl of Chicken Katsuni Don (rice with vegetables, chicken katsu and scramble egg on top), pickles and side dishes.

Mochi Ice Cream
IDR 18.000 / piece
Finally it's time for these delicious mochis. Come with many flavor: cheesecake, chocolate, strawberry, tiramisu, vanilla, matcha and cookies & cream (clockwise start from the upper left mochi). I love all of them, but if I must pick I'll go with cookies & cream for the first place and vanilla as the runner up. A must must try at Ohka Ramen!

Okay the colorful mochis will end up my review this time, don't forget to visit Ohka Ramen at the address below to try their various menus. Bye and see you again on my next post ^.^

Ohka Ramen
Rukan Emerald
Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk

Phone 021 2903 1696 

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