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Cerita Kuliner Publik Markette @ Grand Indonesia Mall - nuraisya blog

Hallo, it's been quite a while since the last resto review. Yes yes I've been laid back lately. But now I'm back with Publik Markette from Ismaya Group which located at Ground Floor East Mall of Grand Indonesia Mall passing through Central Department Store. The concept "Food Gallery" perhaps a little odd for me at first. Not like other restaurants the waiter will give you a menu to choose then wait for your orders. Here at Publik Markette, the waiter will give you only the drinks menu from D'Journal (did I hear cry of joy from coffee fans back there?). While waiting for the drinks to come you can grab your table number stick and bring it to the food counter where you can see and choose the food directly complete with the chef's explanation about them. After you choose wisely what to eat you can show your stick or just mention your table number to the chef, so the waiter can deliver your food as soon as they ready.

Publik Markette's Operational Hours
Smile there's cocktails :)
Waiting for my orders, which is quite fast
At a glance just like American diners
A bit clue for the place before going to the menu. I like the atmosphere here, it's a cool place to hangout for chat and a romantic place to date also. Moreover the friendly waiter who always standby around. And now let's eat ehm... head to the food tasting. There's no picture of a big feast with load of food on the table since I order then one at a time to maintain the freshness and avoid mix of tasting. Here they are...

Tomato Salami
IDR 45.000
Four slices pizza with salami and cheese on top, as tasty as it looks. Come in adequate portion to enjoy alone or together with your friends.

Mixed Pasta Bolognaise
IDR 55.000
This one is so good, penne pasta with bolognaise sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. Definitely my favorite, curious to try these menu on my kitchen someday.

Crushed Potatoes
IDR 25.000
And this is the most affordable price among the other menus, if you low on budget but want something tasty but still heavy for your meal then this is it.

Bitter Sweet Love
IDR 55.000
Dessert... After a moment of doubt I finally chose this dark chocolate based dessert. Just like the name it's a mix between bitter from dark chocolate yet still sweet enough to get your tongue to dance.

Tropical Sunrise
IDR 38.000
One of the healthy juices, the combination of greens, pineapple, cucumber, lemon and honeydew. I know it's hard to get rid of the strange feel and smell of greens in any drinks no matter what you do. So I guess this one is quite success since I still able to drink it with joy.

Mango Blush
IDR 45.000
From the Power Smoothies family we got Mango Blush, the combination of mango, passion fruit and bananas. This one is definitely good, you must try it yourself to prove my word.

*All the prices above are subject to service charge and government tax 21%

Overall I enjoy my visit here, but then again I always think if I'm going out of a restaurant with a full tummy and feeling happy then it's a good restaurant and encourage me to visit again some other time. Especially Publik Markette, from what I heard they prepare different menu from day to day. Feel free to come and try at anytime. Bye for now, until my next review ^.^

Publik Markette
Ground Floor East Mall
Grand Indonesia Mall
Jl. MH.Thamrin No.1, Jakarta Pusat 
P +6221 2358 1281
Instagram & Twitter: @publikmarkette

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