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Cerita Kuliner Cheese Cake Factory @ Tomang - nuraisya blog

Cheese Cake Factory from the name you can presume this has something to do with a whole lot of cheese and cakes. It's a yes and a no, just like the motto "We are more than just a cake shop" here you got a lot of options to eat from appetizer to dessert. Located at Tomang that pretty near from my house and longing for eating delicious cake while having cozy lunch is the reason for our visit that day.

Cheese Cake Factory come with a mission to create delicious and mouthwatering Pastries, Cakes, Cookies Sandwiches, appetizing meals and refreshing begerages with the quality and standards that combines modern-creative and traditional European styles of cooking. Always keep the concepts fresh, exciting and on the cutting edge of the hospitality and entertainment industry.

New cakes to try
'Tis the season to be jolly, lalalala...
Welcoming the season of jolly, a christmas tree already stood up nicely at the front lobby. Cookie jars and parcels arranged neatly on the shelf and display, tempting us to buy them. Consist of two floors to dine in, but the upper floor for reservation only suitable for big events or party. Since we came in small party here we are eating on the lower floor. Oww I almost forget, outdoor also available if you like fresh air. And for the services I loved it, all the waitresses are polite and nice since the moment we enter the restaurant, during order, eating till we pay and leave. Thank you for your services guyz, I truly enjoy my visit please keep that up.

Outdoor seats
Okayyy, finished looking around now is time for lunch. Let's take a glance look of the delicious food and drinks we've ordered that day.


Fish Sandwich Tomato Salsa Sauce
IDR 55.000
Breaded fried fish, tomato salsa and cheese flanked with baguette. The fish is moist along with the tomato salsa really dancing inside your mouth.

Fish 'n Chips
IDR 40.000
Just a regular fish 'n chips you've found elsewhere, but then again since this is one of my favorite food I'll put it anyway. As expected they're tasty, love the sauce.

Angel Hair Aglio Olio
IDR 55.000
Another favorite of mine, aglio olio. This one comes with pan seared king prawns, herb dried tomatoes, toasted garlic and olive oil. Soon after it served on the table I know why they name it Angel Hair Aglio Olio, the pasta so thin yet delicious so easy to slide in into your mouth and tummy. Yeahhh I finished first!

Vegetarian Pizza
IDR 45.000
Thick bread pizza for vegetarian, with toppings broccoli, zucchini, musrooms, red and green pepper, onion, tomato sauce and mozzarella.


Strawberry Juice 
IDR 25.000

Vanilla Milk Shake
IDR 30.000

Caramel Latte
IDR 25.000


Carrot Cheese Cake
IDR 25.455
One of new comer from the cakes section. Perfectly natural sweetness with burst of wonderful flavors. Not too sweet and the unique sensation while eating the whole cake, still linger in my mind. A must try!
Too bad this cake off the menu now, but don't worry there's a new improved one "Kyder Torte" to come on my next post.

Chocolate Truffle
IDR 25.455
And for the last one is Chocolate Truffle for take away, full chocolate taste, moist and delicious make this cake perfect for chocolate lover.

* All prizes above are subject to government tax 10% and service 5%

I think this conclude my joy that day, gathering with my loved ones enjoying good meal while chatting and laughing at Cheese Cake Factory. Just a reminder if you're looking for cookies or parcels for the upcoming Christmas this could be one of the best places to go for. Bye and see you in my next post ^.^

Cheese Cake Factory
Jl. Tomang Raya no. 41
Jakarta Barat

Phone: 021 31928989

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