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Cerita Kuliner Podium Resto @ Lorin Sentul Hotel - nuraisya blog

Lorin Sentul Hotel is a Business Hotel ideally located in Sentul International Circuit, Bogor which offer sport and entertainment atmosphere to stay or just stopping by. Not like any of it's predecessor Lorin Solo or many successors from LIH (Lor International Hotels)Lorin Sentul Hotel that established at 21st May 2011 was designed as a perfect match for Sentul International Circuit. You can easily notice at it's racing car at front, tablecloths with racing flag's motif, racing flag plate at room numbers and many more around the hotel area. LIH is a national hotel chain that stands in the proud tradition of Indonesian hospitality. The growing business in the region had created opportunity for society to travel for business purposes and seek a new standard of accommodation at affordable rate. Whether traveling for business or leisure, you can find more value for less at all of their convenient locations including city, centers, suburban, interstate, small towns, airport, convention properties and resort hotels. For Lorin Sentul Hotel it's advantage would be Sentul International Circuit itself and Palm Hill Golf Club.

Lorin Sentul Hotel
Lorin still expanding it's capacity to 350 rooms
Facing the International Circuit with modern architecture, luxurious garden and supported with elegant function room for meeting, convention and exhibition for up to 400 guests. Also providing 136 Superior Rooms, 8 Junior Suites, 1 President Suite and it's private bar, 7 meeting rooms, spa & massage, swimming pool, gazebo at the terrace, playing ground for children and of course free wifi. And our hero for today is Podium Resto n' Bar that serves various Indonesian, Asian and Western dishes with capacity up to 120 persons.

A bronze car race with the number 21 at the lobby of Lorin
Sentul International Circuit
Small pond at gazebo
Swimming pool next to Podium Resto. 
Diving in had crossed my mind as soon as I see it, but I had to put that thought away.
You can bring and eat your food here to for a change, while enjoying the sun
Let's take a quick look at Podium Resto while waiting for lunch time. Noticing another sporty touch with the helmets and signed photos of the world famous racers along the wall. The color of Black and white from racing flag also dominating the room from the walls to furniture. Finished looking around, now is the perfect time to queue at the center to enjoy the buffet from Podium Resto.

I'm not a fan or familiar with motor racing but I'll bet they're famous
Podium Resto before lunch time
We were so lucky despite we're invited to taste Lorin's new menus, they also offered us to enjoy their buffet during lunch which of course all tasty. Amongst all there's two dishes I enjoyed the most, they are "Soun Goreng" and Mayonnaise Shrimp Rolls. At the corner you can find fresh fruits and Salad Bar, a table full of fresh vegetables with various toppings and dressings. 

Salad Bar
Finally reaching our prime destination today
Having fun enjoying the buffet now it's time to taste Lorin's new dish made of ribs, yes I'm talking about ribs here. There's five dishes in total, two of them are soup. Can't wait to taste all of them... 


Iga Bakar Bumbu Kecap
IDR 79.000 69.000 (promo price)
Ribs grilled with thick and sweet soysauce, then served with various garnish and a bowl of rice. The ribs crisp and tender. And a bit advice to taste the full potential of this dish, eat it before it get cold.

Iga Bakar Balado
IDR 79.000 69.000 (promo price)
Grilled ribs with Balado dressing, minced chili with various spices such as onion, garlic, lemon that stir-fried together. As a mix of Padang this one is my favorite grilled ribs here.

Iga Bakar Blackpepper
IDR 79.000 69.000 (promo price)
Next one has a western touch with it, grilled ribs with black pepper sauce poured on top and mashed potato as it's companion replacing the rice.

Sup Iga Garang Asam
IDR 79.000 69.000 (promo price)
Soup with various spices, cow ribs and "asam" as the ingredients. My number one pick from all of the new ribs menus here. You can feel savory from the ribs and refreshing tart that come from "asam" in one bowl creating a perfect harmony.

Sup Iga Circuit (Lorin Special)
IDR 79.000 69.000 (promo price)
Lorin's ribs soup almost looked like any ordinary ribs soup you can find elsewhere. But they manage to make the ribs meat so tender and easy to cut or chew. Not mentioning the thick flavor coming from the broth, make it more special.


Almond Coffee Latte
IDR 30.000

White Line
IDR 25.000 (promo price)
New mix from Lorin, using tropical fruit like pineapple mixed with coconut milk and milk sure a success to delivered soft, juicy and refreshing drink for a hot day.

Green Podium Mocktail
IDR 25.000 (promo price)
This time the pineapple has a new team in it's mix, introducing lime and chinese green cabbage that resulting in green, healthy and refreshing drink. If you can't stand the bitter taste (only a bit bitter)  you can add syrup provided with it, but I like it better as it is.

* All prices above are subject to 21% Goverment Tax & Service
  Some prices may change when promo period end

Selfie nope manyfie time...
(courtesy of Marisa from
Okay, that conclude my story about our visit to Lorin Sentul Hotel, many thanks to Mr. Adriantomo and Miss Dinda for the invitation. For the accomodation from the start 'till the end was a pleasant. Hoping you all reading this will join our memorable journey here by visiting Lorin Sentul Hotel. For more detail about the hotel you can check it from the link below. Byeee and see you on my next post ^.^

Sentul Circuit (Exit Toll KM 32), Citeureup
Bogor - Indonesia

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