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Cerita Kuliner Cheese Cake Factory For Your Christmas - nuraisya blog

Continuing my previous visit to Cheese Cake Factory at Tomang, I was invited to attend a little demonstration from the newest chef who joining Cheese Cake Factory team. The event took place at Ampera's outlet which located near Sumbangsih School, South Jakarta. As soon as we arrived Miss Glenndy kindly greet us and Mr. David showing around the outlet.

Catchy quotes about food as the background of demo stand
Cheese Cake Factory trophy for the lucky guest, nope just kidding. This was a decoration made from chocolate at the demo stand. One of the new chef's creation.
A glimpse of Ampera's outlet that afternoon
Christmas tree is a must to celebrate this jolly season
Tasty cookies, suitable for self consumption nor a perfect gift for your family and besties
GELATO.... I wish these served to be tested too...
Cake, cake and more cakes. They also provided custom decorated cakes for your special events like that Woody from Toy Story over there
A gloomy afternoon, perfect for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. But before that let's watch how to make the new dessert from Cheese Cake Factory, Kyder Torte the improved version of Carrot Cheese Cake from my previous post. Please note most of the ingredients used at Cheese Cake Factory are top notch to maintain the quality and taste of their products, so you don't have to worry paying too much they totally worth the price.

Started with the opening from Miss Glenndy
An introduction to the head chef and new chef from Cheese Cake Factory
Stood with full of confidence from the background working for the royal family in Dubai
How to make Kyder Torte (from upper left counter clockwise): greasing the first layer, repeating the first step till the 4th layer then let it cool in the freezer, preparing the glaze, coating the top layer with glaze, decorating the cake
Presenting Kyder Torte...
Along with Kyder Torte there's two more new cake's recipes to try that evening, they are Classic Coffee Layer (left) and Chocolate Raspberry (right).


And Lapis Legit, one of the traditional cake perfect for any feast
After watching all the demonstration performed by the chef, I can't wait any longer for the food tasting session. Let's have a bite...

Fruit Punch
IDR 35.000
Our welcome drinks, so refreshing made from orange, guava, pineapple, lime juice mixed with grenadine syrup.

Peach Tea
IDR 20.000
Peach always been my favorite amongst all flavored tea

Kyder Torte
IDR 25.455 / slice
Scrumptious carrot sponge with aromatic cinnamon and sultry chocolate couverture. More moist than the previous carrot cake, the texture so creamy and mild sweetness.
Vanilla Latte
IDR 30.000

Classic Coffee Layer 
IDR 25.455 / slice
Classic almond jacon sponge with delicate coffee butter cream and layered with chocolate ganache, topped with white chocolate glaze. Perfect for coffee and cake lover, they come in one package now as the whole cake.
Chocolate Raspberry
IDR 25.455 / slice
Fresh raspberry compote in between luxurious chocolate layers and white chocolate as the base. The sour compote combined with the chocolate coating resulting in a perfect balance in taste.

* All prizes above are subject to government tax 10% and service 5%
Actual portion size of cakes are bigger, the pictures above for cake testing only

Last but not least Seasonal Cake Pops and Hampers. They're called seasonal cake pops not without cause, they're only available for certain seasons such as christmas and chinese new year. These cute pops made from chocolate cake come with various coating and design. They maybe small but they taste great. And for hampers or parcel. It's probably a little late to write this down now since Christmas already at your front door, completely my fault for the late post. But for you who's still looking for hampers for your relatives Cheese Cake Factory is one good option, but again in hoping they're still available since they run out fast. That conclude my visit to cake testing at Cheese Cake Factory Ampera. For more information please do check theirwebsite, you can find the link below. Or you can come directly to the nearest outlet. Thank you Cheese Cake Factory and all the nice staffs (good services as always).

Cheese Cake Factory
Jl. Ampera Raya no. 17
Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021 7883539

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