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Cerita Kuliner Eng's resto @ Muara Karang - nuraisya blog

Perhaps many of you already know or been to this small restaurant, beseem since Eng's Resto is an old player in this business. Since 1980 Eng's was a homemade industry producing "Asinan" and "Rujak Juhi" with the name "Asinan Bandung Ci Eng", later on in the year of 2004 it established as a restaurant. Located lining up with other restaurants at Muara Karang, doesn't lessen it's customers. Eng's Resto already has it's own eminence, especially in providing high quality, modern and affordable Indonesian food.

Since 1980, wow that's quite an achievement there
Elegant and minimalist at front
"Kerupuk Ikan" or fish crackers in jars
Nothing much to describe for the interior, they manage to maximize this small place into a comfortable, modern and chic restaurant. It's so easy to fall in love with the design, too bad I didn't have the chance to take the picture of it since there's quite plenty of guests eating there at the time. So lets move onto the menus...


Asinan Bandung Sayur
IDR 23.000
The famous dish here, typical pickled dish from Bandung. You can choose for the main ingredient between all vegetables, fruits or mix of the two. The one in the picture all vegetables except for cabbage (by request, since my stomach can't bear it). Two thumbs up for this dish, especially when accompanied with Kerupuk Mie. 

Kerupuk Mie + Bumbu
IDR 16.000
Noodle crackers only or with peanut sauce for additional price, I simply recommend for peanut sauce companion. If you like crunchy snacks, it will boost the flavor of your main dish. Even we order the second round of these.

Urap Sayur
IDR 15.000
Steamed vegetable such as spinach, bean sprouts, beans then covered with seasoned and spiced grated coconut for the dressing. The dressing is delicious and the vegetable steamed just right, cooked but not overcooked you can see it directly by their fresh color.

IDR 15.000
You know Gado-Gado? Then you should be familiar with this dish. They basically the same, Indonesian Salad of vegetables and peanut sauce dressing. Lotek is the name of gado-gado in Sundanese and Javanese. This one is typical of gado-gado from Bandung with lettuce, cucumber, beans, bean sprouts, cabbage (another exclude), peanut sauce mixed together then sprinkled with fried onions and crackers.


Es Campur
IDR 15.000
The famous Indonesian dessert, shaved ice with sliced jackfruit, coconut, grass jelly then poured with syrup and garnished with tapioca pearls.

Es Kalamur
IDR 15.000
Shaved ice with mung beans and coconut slices. This refreshing dessert is not too sweet so it will suit for you who's avoiding sugar or sweets.

Es Kacang Merah
IDR 15.000
Almost the same with Es Kalamur, only this time red beans replacing the coconut slices.

* All prices above already include Government Tax 10% (Net Price)

And that's all I can share about Eng's Resto for now. So whenever you look for good Indonesian food you can always visit this place. Or you can simply pick up your phone for delivery if you happened to live nearby. They also provide lunch boxes, catering, Nasi Tumpeng and other Indonesian snacks. For more detail you can check their website at the link below. See you later on my next posts bye ^.^

Eng's resto
Jl. Muara Karang blok O 8 Timur No. 62
Jakarta Utara
Phone: 021 669 0874

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