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Cerita Kuliner LUC Bar & Grill @ Kebayoran Baru - nuraisya blog

It's been a long time since rain pouring down our beloved city, Jakarta. Right on the day I'm going to attend OpenSnap's event, rain suddenly fell out of nowhere. I'm not blaming rain as my excuse for coming a bit late that day, despite it really is the cause. Many of the participants also late because of it, luckily the event went well. The colaboration event between OpenSnap and IDFB (Indonesian Food Blogger) took place at LUC Bar & Grill that located at Wolter Monginsidi, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta not far from the famous Santa Market. Honestly I'm not too familiar with this area, but lucky I checked the exact location first before going here through OpenSnap app. So here I am, a bit wet and excited to meet and greet with OpenSnap's delegation, many foodies and of course to grab a bite at LUC Bar & Grill.

I took the picture when we're going home, where the weather was nice and warm again.
Inspirational quotes...
Cozy place to chit chat with your friends
The most eye catching decoration for me at LUC
The bartenders in action, yup they serve licquor
MC from OpenSnap gave an opening and welcoming speech
After filling the registration form, time to choose what to order. Beside the provided menu, there's also one special newcomer food for group photo competition with cash prize from OpenSnap. What are they? Scroll down to find out...

My food card with my picks, hopefully they're tasty since I'm hungry


Risotto Sausage
IDR 115.000
Risotto rice, green peas, sweet corn, parsley, parmesan, black pepper with slices of sausage on top of it. I love the combination of risotto with the sausage, it complement the whole taste of this dish.

Fettuccine Salmon E Gamberi
IDR  95.000
Another pasta from the listed menu, fettuccine with smoked salmon cooked with cream sauce and slices of garlic bread.

Mac & Cheese Original
IDR 85.000
Elbow macaroni cooked with milk, butter, cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan. So cheesy in a positive way, if you're a cheese fan this can't be a miss.

Bistecca Con Salsa Funghi
And here is the main star for this event, new menu from LUC Bar & Grill. Grilled beef steak with mashed potato and mushroom sauce poured on top. Since we must take picture of the dish in group to compete in photo competition by OpenSnap that afternoon, we're start tasting it after it went a bit cold but the steak still juicy and tender so it's a plus. But too bad the overall taste of this dish a bit too salty for me, perhaps it's just me though.


Splash Dream
IDR 39.000
This red colored drink a combination of orange, lychee, passion fruit, lime, watermelon. Refreshment from the lime and orange, while the rest to add mild sweetness to this drink.

Green Eyes
 IDR 39.000
Fresh kiwi, apple, and pomegranate with honeydew to neutralized the sour caused from other fruits in the mix.


IDR 59.000
Vanilla cream pudding with strawberry sauce on top, at first I find the sauce is super sour but along the way they're becoming the perfect pair in my mouth. The pudding balance the sauce and vice versa, resulting a tasty dessert despite the simple look.

Apple Strudle
IDR 69.000
Okay, I manage to grab a bite of this one from my friend's order. The look is promising too bad, a little too rich on the filling for me at least. The apple sank from the other components like raisins and cinnamon. But hey, I could be wrong in this since I'm judging from a single bite.

Big family photo with IDFB and OpenSnap Members
Last but not least, thank you OpenSnap and IDFB for the invitation and the event. It's been so much fun to meet with old friends and a lot of new foodies too. And thank you for LUC Bar & Grill too for being a host for the event, I know it's hard to keep patient with a lot of foodies roaming around from table to table. Big thanks for you all, hope we can meet again some other times. Bye for now ^.^

LUC Bar & Grill
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 33
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
P +62 21 7206370
Instagram & Twitter: @lucjakarta

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