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Cerita Kuliner Pempek-Pempek Aloy 45 @ Tomang - nuraisya blog

Hello again, this time we're going to a small place with great food not far from my home. Located at Tomang Utara not far from Alfa Midi. It called Pempek-Pempek Aloy 45, hadn't notice what's it called before often come here purely just to enjoy the food. Here they're selling pempek and es campur. Open daily at daytime and last only for a few hours or sooner depend on the stocks. Eventhough the place is quite small but always full of visitors. 

Enough with the chit chat, let me take you all to a small tour of what you can try and enjoy at Pempek Aloy.

Pempek Kapal Selam
IDR 15.000 / piece
Actually there are two kind of pempek here, Kapal Selam and Lenjer. But Lenjer already sold out right in front of my eyes to the previous customer. You can choose to served as it is or to be fried first. Eat them with the common brownish vinegar sauce for pempek or you can switch with two other kind of sauces provided, sweet sour sauce and tauco sauce which of course they all basically spicy.

Adaan / Baso Goreng
IDR 5.000 / piece
Fried fish ball, so moist and delicious especially when you eat them with the spicy sweet sour sauce. According to the owner it always freshly made from lot of limes. That's what made this sauce so special and tasty, my favorite among the other sauces. You can also choose between regular or hot spicy for this sauce.

Pempek Talas / Uyan
IDR 3.000 / piece
Despite the look this small pempek from taro as the basic ingredients also taste good, in fact they all tasty ^-^ If you like crispy pempek this should be the answer.

Pempek Kulit / Empiang
IDR 3.000
The most chewy from other types of pempek. My mom's favorite, cut into small pieces dip in the sweet sour sauce... Nomnomnom...

Es Campur Biasa
IDR 12.000
Add IDR 8.000 only to get Es Campur Special Duren. My thirst quencer during hot days, really yummy too. Traditional taste of shaved ice, red beans, mung beans, grass jelly, and fermented cassava poured with syrup, just like the old days... Oops. I always buy this each time I visit this stall. And this tasty dessert also end my review this time. See you later ^.^

Pempek-Pempek Aloy 45
Jl. Tomang Utara Raya no.45
Tomang (behind Roxy Square)
Tel. 021 999 29245, 0813 166 99126

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