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Cerita Kuliner G.B Bistro & Dessert @ Senayan City - nuraisya blog

A bright and beautiful day is a good start for any weekends, just like last week. Can't get more luckier, G.B Bistro & Dessert given me a chance to have a taste of their festive desserts for Christmas 2015. It all thanks to Indonesian Food Blogger (IDFB). So, here we are me and my friend at Senayan City agitate to try them along with some new exciting flavors coming in 2016.

Before going any further, let us learn a bit about G.B Bistro & Dessert first. Formerly known under the name Gelato Bar and founded in 2003 with it's first outlet at Darmawangsa Square. Gelato Bar Senayan City branch was then opened in 2008. Gelato Bar was founded based on the owner's love of food, desserts and the gastronomy world. Also to fill the niche when there were no restaurants or cafes that specialize in desserts at the time. Up till now the restaurant concept evolves to focus more on food and rebranding as G.B Bistro to get rid of the misconception that the restaurant only served desserts. Along with that, up till now G.B Bistro provided pasta, pizza, Asian and Indonesian food beside desserts.

G.B Bistro can hold quite plenty of customers with the front and back side of the restaurant. So people can come for a simple chit chat, hang out even for gathering here. The wooden furniture and brown color almost dominating the whole place, giving warmth feeling. I think enough about G.B Bistro for now, let us continue to the desserts part.

Waiting for tea time at the back
Front side of the restaurant
Our treats for the afternoon
High tea time...


What make gelato so special compare to ice cream? Gelato is freshly made of milk, sugar and natural ingredients such as chocolate, hazelnuts and fruits. So it contains only 5-7% of fat whilst ice cream has more than 20% fat. On the other hand for more healthier option you can choose sorbet with 0-1% fat, which also provided here. Sorbet also suitable for lactose intolerant who can't enjoy ice cream or gelato.

Salted Caramel
There are so many flavor of gelato at G.B Bistro, which I can't explain all of them here. All the basic like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry of course available. Green tea, the matcha taste is so thick definitely a must for matcha lover. Azuki or red bean, rum raisin, mascarpone, blueberry crumble, strawberry cheesecake. Not to mention the new "Zabaione with coffee variegato and salted crunchy caramelized nut", phewwww such a long name. Or my number one favorite which is Salted Caramel, I don't know how to describe it I just fell in love with it.

They all so tempting...
Milky Strawberry
Strawberry gelato, which mean made of fresh strawberries and milk. There's also strawberry sorbet available which I like more compare to the gelato, more fresh and little sour because no milk involved in the sorbet making.

Mango & Dragon Fruit Sorbet
If you read my gelato intro then you should know that sorbet contain less fat than gelato or ice cream. G.B Bistro kindly provide us with these options. On my visit there are three sorbet flavor available mango, dragon fruit and strawberry and they all tasty.

Coffee and gelato mix in one, heaven... You don't like sweet this also your answer. One of my recommendation and favorite gelato.

NUTELLA... Who don't like nutella? I mean come on any kind of meal with nutella in it almost certainly a success, including this one. Also my favorite.

Popcorn Caramels Gelato
Another favorite of mine also another new taste for the upcoming 2016. Soft and not too sweet gelato with crunchy popcorn. 

Vanilla Tahiti with Pretzel & Chocolate Chunk
Vanilla gelato with plenty of topping, pretzel and chocolate chunk everywhere. This is nice for more crunchier feeling while eating gelato.

Chacarron Macarron Gelato
Well this one also in the new comer list for 2016, not quite sure with the taste. Just like eating sweet gelato with macaroon.

Mint Chocolate Chip & Avocado Coffee
Minty lover you gotta try this, gelato plus mint equal to cooling breeze add chocolate equal to delicious. While too bad for the avocado coffee though, I can't barely feel the avocado in it. Perhaps I'm putting too much expectation to avocado (one of my favorite flavor) or already confused after tasting other gelato's variant.

Panacotta & Gingerbread Gelato
These are another exciting flavors coming in 2016 beside Zabaione with Salted Caramel Nuts, Macaroon Gelato, Caramel Popcorn, Blueberry Butter Cookies and Avocado Coffee. For those with classic taste you should try Gingerbread Gelato, strangely I kinda fond with the taste.


Every year, G.B Bistro presents special dessert collections for Christmas Celebration beside showcase a list of new gelato collections for the next year. There are two festive desserts for this year and here they are.

The friendly staffs always helping with smiles, including when this picture were taken
Cookie Santa Waffle
IDR 69.500
The first treat is warm waffles topped with one scoop of Pannacota Gelato, oreo cookies, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. This lovely dessert just like a treasure box, too many components within. But overall it's a sweet treat children would love.

Note: the cinnamon only for decoration
Merry Jingle Sundae
IDR 69.500
The second treat is two scoops of Gingerbread and Chocolate Gelato topped with chocolate brownies chunks, crunchy waffle cones, whipped cream and caramel sauce. It has a unique taste, but in an addictive way. The gingerbread gelato give a magical and classic touch paired well with the chocolate brownies. I personally love this more than the first treat.

Last but not least, to celebrate merrier and joyful christmas G.B Bistro gives Festives Seasons Promos during the month of December:
Buy 2 get 1 for every Gelato Purchase (from 28th November - 31st December 2015)
Buy 1 get 1 for every Gelato Purchase on Boxing Day (26th Defember 2015)

Those promos sure does tempting and also will end my review this time. Don't forget to drop by to G.B Bistro and see you later ^.^

Senayan City 
LG Floor L-18
Jakarta Pusat
Instagram: @gbbistro
facebook: GB Bistro

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