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Cerita Kuliner TEN TEN Tempura House @ Plaza Indonesia - nuraisya blog

My honor guest this time already famous as a Japanese restaurant that specialized in Tempura. As a part of Boga Group, Ten Ten Tempura House that located at the basement of Plaza Indonesia brought a different culinary concept compared to other members of the group (Bakerzin, Artisan Bread, Pepper Lunch, Paradise Dynasty and Paradise Inn). So why the tempura's here so special? Start with using good quality prawn, then cooked with special seasoning in Special Fryer Machine to preserve the consistency and they all come in various flavors Original, Spicy, Seaweed and Blackpepper. And you can enjoy these special tempuras in their main course such as Tendon and Tempura Udon. 

Eventhough it called a tempura house other tasty menu beside tempura also available, Beef Teriyaki Don, Salmon Teriyaki Don, Unadon are couple of them. Not mentioning their hot and cold drinks to accompany your meal at Ten Ten, Black Coffee, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Matcha Latte, Ice Matcha Blended, Kyoho Grape Cooler, Rose Collagen, Apple Mint Freeze, Mango Peach Freeze, and Fuji Apple Freeze.

It's 3 PM already way pass over lunch hour, but Ten Ten always crowded with people
Can anybody notice there's a family portrait hidden in this shelf?
A display of high quality Japanese bowl and cup used here
Ten Ten never stop to innovate for our satisfactions and enrich their menu list. Up till now Ten Ten manage to offer us more than 120 menu variation from salad, ala carte, stone rice, rice dish, noodles, nabemono, dessert and drink. And they all come in affordable prices too. Some of their new menus are Beef Salad, Smoked Duck Salad, Smoked Salmon Salad, Unagi with Egg hotplate (hmmm eel, love to try that one later), Oyakoni, Premium Saikoro Steak, Grilled Karubi, Grilled Fish Ohba Cream Sauce, Grilled Fish Teriyaki Sauce. There's also new collection for udon and ramen lover such as Premium Saikoro Ramen and Salmon Udon Cream Sauce. Nabeyaki Udon, Salmon Miso Soup, Grandma's Ribs and Sukiyaki from Nabemono's list. And for you who need carbo here's your new options, Salmon Ohba Pesto and Smoked Duck Stone Rice. I think that's all about it... ehmm... what? I forget to mention the desserts. Hohoho how can I forget them, here you go, Fruit Kakigori, Lava Cakes and new hot plate dessert series. So many right? Just writing them down make me hungry, they all sound so delicious (from all I've tried so far proven delicious indeed).

Taste our new menu and treat your tummy!
I will...
Not only New Menu, you can enjoy their New Treat too, with minimum purchase of IDR 150.000 before tax and service of the listed menu above you can get a free soup, lightbites or dessert. The choices are Corn Soup, Kikono Soup, Beef Korokke, Pumpkin Cheese, Sweet Potato Cheese, Fruit Kakigori, Hot Plate Desserts and Lava Cakes. Tempted? Hold your breath, there's still more treat from Ten Ten just by adding IDR 15.000 you can enjoy another glass from their drink collection like fresh juices and flavored drinks. Hurry hurry while the promo still last!

Ten Ten family mascots for the menu cover, they're super cute!!
Mom, Oni Chan and Aka Chan
Well, I think it's not fair just promoting their new menus without tasting them. Let's scroll and roll to find out more...


Salmon Miso Soup (Nabemono)
IDR 68.000
One of the "nabemono" or hot pot dishes, consist of nori, mushroom, carrot and of course salmon cooked with miso soup. My order that afternoon, the taste probably not as extravagant as the other dishes but I like it. The thick miso seasoning within the soup bring up the Japanese taste to the juicy salmon and other ingredients in it.

Nabeyaki Udon
IDR 68.000
Just catch a glimpse about this hot pot, the look quite promising. I didn't have the chance to taste it, but I put it here anyway to add more nabemono options for you.

Premium Saikoro Steak with Rice
IDR 68.000
Next from ala carte menu, Premium Saikoro Steak with a bowl of steamed rice. Saikoro steak a common dish from Japan, tenderloin cut in cubes pan fried with cashew nuts in a high flame. Yum... yum... I mean who doesn't like tenderloin steak.

Ten Ten Signature Stone Rice
IDR 68.000
This one is a must try if this your first visit to Ten Ten. Japanese mixed rice with ebi sakura topped with grilled fish, ebi tempura and squid. There's nothing more to describe this dish than completely delicious.

Tori Momo Stone Rice
IDR 58.000
Another stone rice collection, tori momo. Grilled chicken with special sauce and edamame on top of the steamed rice in a stone bowl to maintain the heat. This one is unexpectedly GOOD, ohhh don't forget to mix before you eat!

Salmon Ohba Pesto Stone Rice
IDR 68.000
Salmon with ohba pesto sauce on rice, garnished with nori slices, sweet corn and baby tomatoes. Pesto sauce at Ten Ten modified using ohba leaves instead of basil that commonly used in Italy, the origin country of pesto. Mix mix mix...

Cheese Beef Hamburg with Rice
IDR 62.000
One of my fave, minced meat with mozzarella cheese within it and stir fried vegetables served on a hot plate. As soon as you cut the meat you'll notice that sticky gooey cheesy juicy beef must be delicious, and it sure does!

Grilled Fish Ohba Cream Sauce with Rice (Salmon)
IDR 68.000
This one taste quite unique, if you like herbs this should be in your picked list. Grilled fish (you can choose between salmon or red snapper) cooked with Ohba cream sauce, enoki and mushroom then garnished with nori slices.

Premium Saikoro Ramen
IDR 68.000
Noodle cooked with ohba pesto topped with premium saikoro steak and sprinkle of cashew nut slices. My friend's order, they claimed this dish is extremely tasty.


Matcha Lava Cake
IDR 28.000
Lava cake in matcha flavor with red beans sauce on top. For green tea lover this cake would be a dear. Served with a scoop of matcha ice cream to balance the sweet matcha filling from the cake. Eat them together and it just perfect!

Red Velvet Lava Cake
IDR 28.000
Red velvet lava cake, another variation from lava cakes collection. There are three of them, red velvet, matcha and chocolate, each of them accompanied with a scoop of ice cream.

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Ice Cream (hot plate dessert)
IDR 32.000
Woohoo this is my favorite dessert! The red velvet cake on a hot plate and ice cream on top then poured with cream sauce. You can pour the sauce on your own or let the waitress do the dirty work, just kidding this is fun. Bottom of the cake will become more crunchy and tastier due to the hot plate, cold on top and hot at the bottom. A perfect combination for a great taste, two thumbs up! There's two other hot plate dessert combination, Cheese Pound Cake Matcha Ice Cream and Brownies Chocolate Ice Cream.

Fruit Kakigori
IDR 32.000
Vanilla shaved ice with fruit toppings and mango sauce. Another yummy treat for those looking for refreshing dessert. The shaved ice so moist almost just like ice cream and the sauce is superb.

* All prices above are subject to government tax 10% and service

Bye bye dear mascot (I think this is The Dad), see you later!
So how was it? Is there any of the menus above catch your attention yet? If not, there's still plenty of tasty dishes listed on Ten Ten menu book. And don't forget to keep updated with their promos by checking or following Ten Ten Facebook or Twitter account before you go. Many thanks to IDFB (Indonesian Foodblogger) and Ten Ten for the invitation, it was a fun eating experience. Okay folks, that's a wrap for my review this time. Bye and see you on my next post! Mata ashita!

TEN TEN Tempura House
Plaza Indonesia
Level Basement Unit 16-17

Phone: 021 2992 3730
Delivery:  021 500 558
Facebook: Ten Ten Jakarta
Twitter & Instagram: @tentenjakarta

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