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Cerita Kuliner Heavenly Blush: Be Good with Yogurt Inspired Food - nuraisya blog

To have a healthy body is always everyone's dream, especially in today's way of living. Where all the people just want to enjoy good life, pampering your tongue with delicious food without even considering the effects to your body. That's where Heavenly Blush came along, with it's motto "Wellness Yogurt Specialist". It is a commitment for Heavenly Blush always providing healthy food and drinks to improve quality of life, no preservatives, no fried food, and of course no MSG.

Okay let me tell you all a bit about Heavenly Blush, established in December 2008 under PT. Heavenly Nutrition Indonesia. With just frozen yogurt as the main and only product at that time. But later on Heavenly Blush adding more varieties to the menu still with yogurt as the ingredient such as yogurt drink, salad with yogurt dressing, yogurt cake, yogurt sandwich, steak with yogurt sauce, yogurt soup, and many other dishes. Started from Pondok Indah Mall 2, now Heavenly Blush also available at Mal Kelapa Gading 3 and Plaza Indonesia.

Lovely decoration that attract my eyes
Heavenly Blush at PIM 2
At 27th October 2013, I as one of the newest member of Indonesian Food Blogger (IDFB) has the honor to review Heavenly Blush. The meet up took place at Heavenly Blush Pondok Indah Mall 2 3rd floor and consist of 19 members of IDFB, include 2 administrators in them (Anne and Tika). As I get there, the waitress welcome us and asking what drink would I have. After asking a bit about some of the drinks, I choose Sparkling Kiwi Strawberry to quench my thirst after facing traffic jam that day. Not for long Mr.Ricky Kapoyos as the Heavenly Blush Marketing gather all the IDFB members to give a brief explanation about Heavenly Blush and it's products before we continue to food tasting. Overall, the meet up itself give me many experiences by meeting and watching senior food bloggers in action and it all thanks to IDFB and Heavenly Blush. Hoping there will be another invitation for me in the future ^.^

Ricky Kapoyos, Heavenly Blush Marketing
A glimpse of the IDFB members in action
IDFB Family Portrait, thanks to Anne for this lovely pic.
And thank you for all the participants, it was fun to meet you all
Back to the main purpose of the event, now I will move on to the part you all will love "the food review". One thing you all should remember that all the menu provided here not only delicious but also healthy. With the idea, value of the food not depend on the amount of the food you eat but on how much nutrition in it.

Boost Up Fruit Mocktails
Non alcohol drinks combination of nutrition, vitamin, and fresh fruit with scented tea, pure water, or sparkling soda. Also contain special Heavenly Blush booster that can be customized to fulfill your needs. Such as for isotonic, slimming, replenish energy, anti-aging, maintain digestion, or to improve immune system. Enjoying good drinks while improving your health sounds like a piece of cake now.

Sparkling Kiwi Strawberry
IDR 37.000 (before tax)
Refreshing sparkling soda with real kiwi and strawberries cut in it. My choice directly fall to this drink combined with Heavenly Blush booster that contains LA5, BB 12 live probiotic and inuline prebiotic to help maintain a healthy digestive system. The taste is balance not too sour nor sweet, just the perfect taste for me.

Virgin Lychee Blueberry
IDR 37.000 (before tax)
This one is a perfect choice for who loves cocktail but can't stand to soda. A pure water based drink with lychee and blueberries. Also available to be combine with any Heavenly Blush booster you prefer.

Iced Hazelnut Latte
IDR 36.000 (before tax)
For you who adore coffee do not worry, tea and coffee also available in the selection of Heavenly Blush menu. Like this Iced Hazelnut Latte, prepared not too sweet for the healthy cause. But you can adjust it to your liking by adding more sugar that always ready on the table.

Oven Baked Norwegian Salmon with Yogurt Sauce, served with mashed potatoes
IDR 90.000 (before tax)
Finally arrived to the main dish, the one I choose because my fish addict. Slice of Norwegian Salmon baked with oven, accompanied with beans and broccoli and yogurt mushroom sauce on top. And it can be served along with roasted baby potatoes, roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes whichever you like. For the taste, without any doubt I can say it's delicious. It proven when everybody still taking pictures of their food, I already finish this delicious meal.

Japanese Beef Yogurt Wasabi Salad
IDR 80.000 (before tax)
And for Japanese cuisine especially wasabi fans, you can pick Japanese Beef with Yogurt Wasabi Sauce & Salad. Served with rice, but as usual you can switch to potatoes. The sauce has an unique taste so it's a must to try.

Selection of Cakes
Start from IDR 35.000 per slice (before tax)
For the cakes, although they all very tempting but I can't put anymore food to my tummy that day. And of course they're on my wish list now. Who are they? Heavenly Red Velvet, Heavenly Cheesecake, Heavenly Rainbow, and Black Forest. As usual the main ingredient is yogurt, so I bet they really soft and tasty.

Beside the menu I mention above, as you can see Yogurt Drinks also sold here. Just like the ones we see in supermarkets, they came in various flavor for the bottle packaging and Strawberry flavor for Yogurt To Go pack. There is also Yo Salad, which you can choose from the salad bar. And of course the delicious Frozen Yogurt that had brought up Heavenly Blush until now, came with various topping started from IDR 27.800 (before tax). Speaking of Froyo, before I forgot Heavenly Blush has an offer for all of us. What offer? How? You'll just need to read and print the voucher below, only at Heavenly Blush PIM 2 until 31st March 2014. So don't miss it, see you there folks ^-^
Just click on the image to print
Heavenly Blush
Pondok Indah Mall 2
3rd Floor, #335 at the Restaurant Row
Phone & Delivery Order:
(+62 21) 7592 0762, 7592 0957

Mal Kelapa Gading 3
2nd Floor, #TK-201, across Sogo
Phone & Delivery Order:
(+62 21) 4585 5057

Plaza Indonesia
2nd Floor #071, next to Zara
(+62 21) 2992 3556

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