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Cerita Kuliner Nanny's Pavillon: Sewing Room @ Gandaria City - nuraisya blog

Last Saturday me and my best friend Tika decided to used our Nanny's Pavillon promo coupon that I bought earlier from Groupon Indonesia. So we agreed to meet at Nanny's Pavillon Sewing Room, Gandaria City Mall. Why there? Because Gandaria City is the most fair place to meet during our holiday, considering the distance between mine and Tika's place. And the most of all we've never eat at Nanny's Pavillon Sewing Room before. What makes it different from any other Nanny's Pavillon branches? Of course it differs, every Nanny's Pavillon branches are unique, there's none that a kind between them including Sewing Room.

Nanny's Pavillon logo
Inside and outside dining place, below my friend Tika is taking a shot
Located on the Mainstreet UG Gandaria City Mall, you can almost recognized this restaurant from afar. With it's country style furniture, sewing props and big logo on the display window. You can choose to sit inside to enjoy the sewing room environment or outside the restaurant if you like much brighter feel and space, we prefer to sit outside that day. Actually this is my second Nanny's Pavillon experience, the first one was at Nanny's Pavillon Terrace, Central Park Mall check here for the blog link. As you can see below, the environment inside the restaurant filled with sewing props such as line of threads on the wall, rolls of cloth on the inner side next to the cute dresses and collection of buttons in jars. And there is a long dining table that has sewing machine on both end of the table, ohhh I soo sooo love to eat here.

Sewing attribute scattered around the restaurant
Lovely dresses, cloths, buttons, ribbons and other sewing props
And now onto the menu we eat that day, there is various menu provided here but we're not going to brought all that up after all we're still girls with little stomach to fill. We're just want to enjoy good atmosphere while spending the weekend with girly talks and delicious food, specially pancakes. Here we can find many homey recipe's pancakes you all gonna love.

Pancakes and waffles menu
Alvin's Black Crunchy Caramel Pancake
IDR 39.000 (before tax & service)
Soft and thick original pancake served with oreo flakes, one scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce spread on top. The taste of course delicious, and the portion is adequate, eating one alone is enough to fill your tummy instantly. For you who love the original taste of pancake, this menu is a good choice.

Ynez's Blueberry Cheese Roll Pancake
IDR 39.000 (before tax & service)
A thinner and crispier pancake with cream cheese rolled inside, served with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and blueberry sauce on top. These one I can say suited for cheesy fans just like my friend. The taste of cheese almost dominating the full flavor of this pancake. Combined with the sweet and sour came from blueberry sauce make the taste quite unique in a delicious way of course.

Nanny's Cocktail Blueberry
IDR 49.000 (before tax & service)
This refreshing drink actually can cover for four persons. Served in a bottle, when the waitresses serve this drink they always offer to pour it to our glasses. Contained fresh fruits cuts such as mango, apple, pear, strawberry, blueberry with blueberry extract. If you like more fresh and sour taste you can choose this flavor, but if not you can try other flavor available which is mango. They both taste good and refreshing.

This one is me, this lovely picture was taken by Tika. Thanks dear :)
That conclude my review on Nanny's Pavillon Sewing Room, hoping to see you all on my next review about other Nanny's Pavillon branches with their all uniqueness and other delicate meal that still waiting to tried on the menu. So until then... ^-^

Nanny's Pavillon

Nanny's Pavillon Sewing Room
Gandaria City Mall
Mainstreet UG Floor, Unit M-U09

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