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Cerita Kuliner Monolog Quality Coffee Co. @ Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall - nuraisya blog

There's time we've gotta say good bye to our comfort zone and dare to start a new beginning in our live with full of hopes and dreams eventhough we're still not sure what things will be ahead of us. For that specific reason I chose this place as a farewell place with my besties at my old office, yup it's time for me to move on. Farewell doesn't always related to good bye and tears, more to good luck at the new place since we're still gonna meet anyway in the future. And I think Monolog is a perfect place for the three of us with two of us like to take the picture of our food while the other one love to take selfies before eating. Why you ask? Because there's plenty spots here really really good for taking pictures, especially beside the windows and the terrace. But for terrace only open at special occassions.

Monolog's famous crema
Actually this is my second time here, the first one also with one of my besties Tika during monoshot lesson from @inijie and @captainruby. Thanks to them we've manage to know this cool place for hangout. So here we are...

Here you can enjoy various liquor too, cool place for weekend hangout
The terrace, only open for special ocassion or at night
A little souvenir from monoshot session
And now here are the few of many choices of menu you can find at Monolog. Don't hesitate to ask to the waiters if you want to know more about the foods on the list.

My menu of the day
Curry Wurst
IDR 65.454
A wurst poured with tomato curry sauce accompanied by mashed potatoes and vegetables. I like the unique mix between sour from tomato that help eliminates the smell from curry which some people not really fond of, and of course elevate the taste as well.

Egg Benedict, Beef
IDR 72.727
Tika's pick, manage to taste a bit of it. Just like any egg benedicts, enjoy it at their best while still hot. Really really suitable for your breakfast, and you can eat your breakfast here at Monolog from 7am.

Smoked Duck Rice
IDR 80.000
Vika's pick, steamed rice with smoked duck and mozarella cheese on top. Looking for a big portion of lunch, this is your pick.

Hot Spicy Dark Chocolate
IDR 38.181
My favorite, hot dark chocolate with a sprinkle of spiciness from ground chilli. Strange at first but the more you drink it the more you fell in love.

Hot Hazelnut Mocha
IDR 34.545

Oreo & Vanilla Shake
IDR 40.909

*All the prices above are subject to government tax 10%

Another shot during monoshot session with Tika as the hand model
And that end our lunch at Monolog that day, time to go shopping ladies yeayyy. But that doesn't mean the end of our friendship, as long as there's still time and good place to meet like Monolog. Love you girls... Already miss you all... 

Monolog Quality Coffee Co.
Street Gallery 1st floor No. 101 B, Pondok Indah Mall 1
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah - Jakarta 12310
P +6221 2952 9775
Instagram & Twitter: @monologcoffee

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