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Cerita Kuliner Colette & Lola @ Mal Kelapa Gading - nuraisya blog

Thanks to my dear friend, finally I was able to visit Colette & Lola. This lovely cake shop located at Ground Floor of Mal Kelapa Gading 5. Easy to spot with all the bright lights and colorful wooden horses from the live sized carrousel that also function as the cake shop's counter. Pastel colours are scattered all around the shop adding another "girly" touch to the shop, no wonder plenty girls come here to chit chat while enjoying cute and tasty cakes. Which is also the first purpose for our visit that day, but due to the lunch hour then the cute cakes can wait, that's our first thought while scrolling through the menu. And finally all of us choose the heavy courses from Colette & Lola. You can choose food and drinks from the menu, but for the cakes you can pick your choice directly at the cake counter. A reminder, all the cakes are so tempting but you can ask the waiter for the cake's detail first before choosing which is the most suited your taste.

Colorful wooden horses always become a target for selfie lover
Welcome to the dreamland Colette & Lola!
A place to hangout with friends, colleagues and family
Colette & Lola indeed famous for it's cakes and sweets, a little known that it also provide heavy course from rice with Asian taste. And these are what I will share with you all this time.

Finally our lunch is ready, feasting time!
This is my picks, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Mango Mama

Hainanese Chicken Rice
IDR 58.000
Hainanese crispy chicken rice with green vegetables and homemade sweet spicy sauce. A bit different from the Hainanese rice I used to eat, a bit like Nasi Lemak. But I totally love the sauce, too bad it provided in a small amount.

Nasi Bakar
IDR 58.000
Indonesian style burnt-rice with spicy grilled chicken and chilli boiled egg. In the menu it marked with a couple of fire signs next to it, indicating spicy category. But in reality it's not as spicy as we imagine while ordering, but still taste great.

Pineapple Fried Rice
IDR 62.000
Pineapple seafood fried rice served with Thai-style omellete. Pretty similar combination with other rice menu, cucumber slices, baby tomato, broccoli, thick nacho chip, crisps and the rice with egg.

IDR 48.000
Common calamari, fried squid with mayo and sauce. A perfect snack for small talk with your friends.


Iced Long Black
IDR 25.000
Black coffee with ice, for coffee lover or just to balance all the sweetness from the sweets or cakes if you're eating a lot of them here.

Little Lady Lychee
IDR 39.000
Quite opposite with the title, the glass of this freshening lychee tea is enormous. Suitable for accompanying your long talk or accomodating two persons.

Mango Mama Drink
IDR 49.000
Just like the name this delicate drink just like your mama's touch, mild, full of love, sweetness and freshness from the mango flavor. I order with less sugar though, preparing for dessert.


Jamaican Chocolate Rum
IDR 30.000
Finally dessert, this is the part which bring famous to Colette & Lola. Too bad our stomach already full from the big feast before. So we only tried one of the heavenly big macs collection, Jamaican Chocolate Rum. A big macaron with cream filling and a plastic container to inject the rum, love it since it has the perfect amount of sweetness and the rum lift up the taste of the macaron.

*All the prices above are subject to 7.5% and government tax 10%

And that's how our journey at Colette & Lola ended that day. Still plenty of cakes and menus to try, perhaps some other time. Last but not least thank you to my dear friend Olivia who invited and treat us well for the entire experience at Mal Kelapa Gading. See you all later ^.^

Colette & Lola
Mall Kelapa Gading 5 Ground Floor
Delivery +6221 2900 7997

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