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Cerita Kuliner RAME RAME Food Carnival @ Tangcity Mall - nuraisya blog

Hello again folks, this time I'm gonna take you a bit far to Tangerang, more precise to TangCity Mall. As a part of the mega poperty project "TangCity Super Block" at Tangerang, this mall sure has a promising future. Which is why I can't miss the opportunity to review RAME RAME Food Carnival, the food court located at 2nd floor of TangCity Mall. But before we get there, let me explain a bit about the mall itself. The first impression once you enter it, just like any other malls with branded outlets and restaurants. But as you ascend to the next floor, you'll get a total difference atmosphere. The feeling you usually get when visiting a wholesale market, that explain why the mall providing troley bag facility at the customer service desks. Since the wholesale prices will save you a lot when shopping and lead you to buy more and more goods, where the troley will come in handy. Reaching to 2nd floor the mall scenery is back with XXI movie theatre, Fun World and RAME RAME Food Carnival.

RAME RAME Food Carnival using a top up card for all transactions at the food outlets there. First minimum top up is IDR 50.000 include IDR 5.000 for card safety deposit, next minimum top up just IDR 10.000. You can exchange the card at the cashier and don't forget to exchange back for refund before leaving. They named it RAME RAME Food Carnival for a reason, this food court will gather all kind of people to enjoy food while having fun. Where kids can play at Fun World that located in the food court, the parents can enjoying their time and food, the young couples can enjoy live music performance or just hangout with friends, and the smokers have their own space free from the isolation cubicles (writer's note: smoking endangers your health) with plenty of food selection. Since there's around 20 food outlets here I can't possibly try all of them, let me start with the one providing my favorite food, noodles and cendol. And here is where the fun part begin, time to order some food. 

RAME RAME Food Carnival Card
Oriental style outlets at the back side of  RAME RAME Food Carnival
Fatahillah Room, part of RAME RAME Food Carnival with Batavia style where you can chill out while enjoying live performance.
Old public transportation "becak" decorating the one of the corners.
Smoking Room
The Cashier, free balloons for children at the weekend


This outlet located not far from the cashier, just walk a bit to the right and you're ready to order. Despite the name, they also provide dishes beside noodles. Here they are...

Tang Mie outlet
Cook from the heart they say, that's what the lady's doing when preparing my order
Tang Mie Menu
Lo Mee
IDR 33.000
The winner of my heart, this dish perfect in every aspect. The noodle tasty and freshly made every day, definitely preservative free. Cooked with shrimps, meat ball slices, chicken chunks, vegetables then poured with thick savory sauce. Totally love it! It's a must try if you happened to visit Tang Mie.

Kwe Teow Goreng Seafood
IDR 36.000
Kwe teow or shahen fen stirred with seafood fellows, squid slices and shrimps, egg, vegetables and crackers. Tasty but not as good as it's Lo Mee.

Nasi Goreng Sosis
IDR 33.000
Fried rice with chicken sausage slices and meat sausage slices, accompanied with crackers, cucumber slices and pickles. Just like an ordinary homemade fried rice.


Next outlet would be a perfect option for those who like Singapore style food. If you like strong flavor, better skip it since Singapore taste will be too plain for you. But if you don't then this is a perfect stop for you. Just walk a bit far to the back from the cashier, then walk toward the Fun World on the right.

Bakmi Jurong outlet
A big applause and thanks to the chef for this performance
Bakmi Jurong Menu
Mie Ayam Lada Hitam
IDR 25.000
Boiled noodles, strained then served with black pepper chicken chunks on top and boiled vegetables at the side. My favorite dish from Bakmi Jurong, the noodles thin and mild so easy to chew. The blackpepper chicken a bit salty compared to other dishes here but give perfection to the noodles. Something too bad to miss from Bakmi Jurong.

Mie Jurong Seafood Hot
IDR 32.000
Fried noodles with squid slices, shrimps, egg, and bean sprouts. There are two variants of this dish sweet and hot. I chose hot since I'm more a spicy fans than sweet. Too bad it's not as spicy as it claim to be, but then again it's Singapore style.

Nasi Ayam Rica-Rica
IDR 32.000
A bowl of rice, stir fried vegetables, and chicken cooked ala rica-rica. Whenever you hear rica-rica your brain will react to one thing it's spicy. So is this dish, the chicken fried nicely so it's crisp then poured with rica-rica sauce. Tasty but been eating way more hotter rica-rica before.


A bit different from Tang Mie and Bakmi Jurong, at Randol you don't use RAME RAME Food Carnival to buy the unique cendol collection, you just have to pay with real money here. Randol is a franchise that brought up cendol, one of the traditional drinks from Indonesia to another level. All the cendols mixed with UHT milk instead of using coconut milk, then added with various topping you can choose from their menu. Since cendol is one of my favorite drinks, they all tasty to me. And here are some of many combinations I've tried.

Randol's stand
The friendly lady mixing the toppings for my cendol
Randol Menu
Randol "Durian Series" Menu
Original & Kecenut Endol
IDR 11.000 & IDR 23.000
Original: cendol, milk, and melted brown sugar. Kecenut Endol (Keju Campur Nutella En Cendol), original cendol with toppings: durian, shredded cheese and nutella.

Kece Parah
IDR 19.000
Kece Parah (Keju Cendol Pake Duren Ah), original cendol with toppings: durian and shredded cheese.

And that's all about my first visit to TangCity Mall, especially RAME RAME Food Carnival. Perhaps some other time I'm gonna visit other food outlets there. Farewell for now, thank you for reading ^.^

RAME RAME Food Carnival
TangCity Mall, 2nd Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman no. 1

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