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Cerita Kuliner Genji Shoppe: Be Creative With Genji Pie - nuraisya blog

Okay, this time I have good news for Genji Pie's fans. You can eat your favorite Genji Pie in style at Genji Shoppe, a pop-up store at Pondok Indah Mall Street Gallery (PIM 3) that only open for a month. Located outside of PIM 3 right in front of North Gallery Lobby entrance, you can notice it right away from the white color that dominate the outdoor display of the shoppe.

Oops I almost forgot to ask is there any of you still don't know what Genji Pie is? Forgive me for keep babbling without explaining it first. Genji Pie is a heart-shaped biscuit from Monde Biscuit Indonesia that came in packages. Available at almost every store and supermarket  with many variants so the whole family can join the fun enjoying this tasty pies. Whilst for Genji Shoppe with it's motto Eat Share Love, brought up with the sole purpose to introduce Genji Pie to the young generations. That's why at Genji Shoppe, you can also see beautiful murals that born from the hand of five young talented artists Rukmunal Hakim, Lala Bohang, Ykha Amelz, Muhammad Taufiq (Em Te) and Monica Hapsari. Hoping their creativity can be both attracts people to eat at Genji Shoppe and encourage other young generations to follow their steps in pursuing their own dreams. Their arts not just decorating the shoppe's walls, for you who love and want to own their works, at the corner of the shoppe you can see many creative original products made by them and various young talented artists. Start from canvas tote bag, iPhone and iPad casing, Genji Pie Mug (which I think is cute), nutcracker soldier, and many others.

Left: Many variants of Genji Pie products on display inside the shoppe
Right: Genji Shoppe with it's motto
One of the mural beautifully painted by Monica Hapsari
Another wild imagination of Ykha Amelz
Interior of Genji Shoppe, still dominated with white
(sorry for a slight appearance of me in the picture)
Unique merchandise that sold at the corner of Genji Shoppe
And here where you eat your dessert, yup it's outdoor
(sorry Elsye for the candid, didn't mean to but since this is the only eating shot I have so...)
These are the desserts, quite tempting right?
And now we're reaching to the most waited part, that is food tasting. All the desserts available at Genji Shoppe are using Genji Pie as their main ingredient, there are 9 menus available plus one make your own mix of Genji Pie. I'm quite lucky that day I join the other members of Indonesian Food Blogger (IDFB) reviewing Genji Shoppe, so I can taste all of the menus listed. Not waiting any longer, I present you the creative creations of Genji Pie...

When Sour Meets Chocolate
IDR 32.000
Suitable for sweet lovers, dessert made from layer of original genji pie and chocolate malt enriched with hazelnut for the filling. Finished with chocolate ganache coating and spring fruits salad to balance the sweet taste.

A Bag of Loves / A Jar of Hearts
IDR 20.000 / 100 gr
A bunch of mini genji pies with chilli chocolate or salted caramel for the filling, you can choose either one or mix of them. Suitable as a snack to accompany you while chit chat with your friends or while watching movie with your family. I take these beauties as take away for my family and they totally loved it.

This is Not a Martini
IDR 25.000
Layered of white and chocolate mousse, a perfect combination to share with your loved one. Dip your mini genji pie to get the perfect taste of this dessert. One of my recommendation. Who can resist the temptation from crispy genji pie with a touch of mild from the mousse?

Make Your Own
start from IDR 5.000
Choose various toppings for your original genji pie to make your own genji dessert. You can choose for single, double or triple scoops of ice cream from Spiky Smooth (hazelnut, chocolate, not so sure for the last one but I think it's cream cheese), sauce (chocolate, white chocolate, pink chocolate) and other toppings (peach, strawberry, pistachios, almonds, mochis and many more). Mine that day consist of Original Genji Pie as the base, one scoop of Hazelnut Ice Cream, spread of Chocolate Sauce and finally pistachios on top. For the taste undoubtedly very tasty and refreshing for a hot day like that day, so dare to try your own Genji Pie Mix?

Sweet-sweet Love
IDR 35.000
One of the jack in the box dessert among the menus. You can find a heart shaped melting brownies between two original genji pies, hiding behind the line up of raspberries not until you give your first bite to this tart.

Ratatouille Goes Berries
IDR 25.000
This dessert absolutely a fan service for cheese fans. A sweet combination of cream cheese, fresh blueberries and strawberries with genji pie's crust for the base. Even though I'm not a fan of cheese, but this should be in my recommendation list. I love how they make genji pie as the crust and it turn out tasty too.

Sleeping Beauty
IDR 25.000
Another jack in the box dessert, from many who order this menu quite shock when they find out this is not ice cream. Despite it's appearance, this dessert actually a fresh from the oven. A moist strawberry pinkish sponge cake with mini genji pie hidden inside and served with a choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce.

Autumn in April / Magic Cinnamon Pie
IDR 28.000
Crispy genji puff pastry with assorted spiced fruits, add a sprinkle of magic abracadabra it turn to be a tasty and fancy dessert. Don't worry it's not real magic, what I mean with magic here is cinnamon just like it's name Magic Cinnamon Pie.

The Corleone's
IDR 28.000 / 6 pcs
The name remind me to The Godfather, a movie about Italian mafia. And speaking of Italia and food, one thing that pop up in my mind, pizza. With original genji pie replacing the pizza bread, you can select one or mix of cheese lovers and spicy salami for the topping.

Smokey Burkini
IDR 28.000 / 3 pcs
Tasty chicken burger with smoked chicken, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato and cheese on top of original genji pie. Another one to add into my recommendation list, for those who avoid sweet this is the perfect option for you.

Cute packaging for take away
Overall I truly enjoy my visit here, not just because I love arts, cool place for hangout, fancy dessert with affordable price, but also because of the waitresses in cute apron that always smile and give their best for customer satisfaction. A little reminder though for you who want to spent the weekend here, because of the limited seat you must come earlier or just be patient to wait for empty seats. That's all I can write about Genji Shoppe for now, before I wrap up this review I want to add a little information about an event for this 26-27 April High Tea With Marie-Antoinette where you can purchase Genji Dessert, get pictured in Marie-Antoinette's style and watch cos-play community in action (for exact schedule please check the fanpage). So, come eat, share and love at Genji Shoppe while it still open. Don't get left behind, since this cool artistic shoppe only open until 11th May 2014.
And I have another update for you all, up till 6th May 2014 there's a program called #GenjiBuddies.
Genji Shoppe will give away 35 prizes, including iPhone 5S, and Samsung Galaxy S4.
To find out more how to win those prizes just follow Genji Shoppe's facebook or twitter account.
Genji Shoppe
Pondok Indah Mall
Street Gallery - North Gallery Lobby
Genji Pie Fanpage
Twitter and Instagram: @genjipieid

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