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Cerita Kuliner Nanny's Pavillon: Terrace @ Central Park - nuraisya blog

Back to Nanny's Pavillon again, it still amaze me how I keep coming back to this restaurant from time to time. But then again I think I know why, because each branch of Nanny's Pavillon is unique. If you've read my previous post about Nanny's Pavillon: Sewing Room you certainly know that each Nanny's Pavillon has a concept according to every part of a house, more specific country house. This time I choose to bring up Nanny's Pavillon: Terrace, just like it's name, the restaurant that located at Central Park Mall has a warm terrace feeling of a house. NP Terrace has two section, inside the restaurant and outside. The inner part facing Sogo Department Store while the outside part facing to Tribeca Park. This time I chose to sit outside and I like it, the view is nice especially when the weather is friendly. Sitting in a white garden chair and its table, surrounded with trees and white fences with pots of flowers and feeling the wind blows and the sound of water from the Koi's Pond at Tribeca Park. It does feel like eating in a real terrace.

Nanny's Pavillon Terrace at noon
Just like a real terrace complete with the white fences, pots of flowers, trees and garden furniture
And... for the menu, it's time to try Rétréci Pancakes, the word Rétréci itself meaning narrowed. A little different from regular pancake which is thick, these pancakes are a lot thinner just like crepes.

Rétréci Pancakes menu
Olivio's Peach Shrink Rétréci
IDR 39.000 (before tax & service)
This pancake is super delicious, I totally love and recommend it. Super thin pancake folded, with peach cuts, almonds and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it. The three toppings together make a perfect combination with it's mild sweetness. Arghh, I'm craving for more of this rétréci pancake...

Lynette's Ban Guava Rétréci Pancake
IDR 39.000 (before tax & service)
This is the other pancake I tried that day, actually I ordered for Lynette's Ban Berry Rétréci Pancake. But somehow it turned up into Ban Guava instead of Ban Berry. The toppings on top of this pancake are banana cuts, guava juice and whip cream, the guava juice replacing for blueberry. Even though it came out different, the taste is still good although not as good as Peach Shrink.

Olivio's Fried Buttermilk Mushrooms
IDR 29.000 (before tax & service)
To accompany pancakes that day I also order this fried mushrooms. Shiitake Mushrooms fried with coat of buttermilk, served with mayonaise. Eating one of these crispy fried mushrooms will make you take another one, dip it into the mayonaise and chilli sauce and another one..until the plate is empty. This menu is great for afternoon snack and also inspired me to try my own Fried Mushrooms recipe at home later.

Rock Melonade
IDR 28.000 (before tax & service)
For the drink corner, I chose Rock Melonade. A mix of Melon and Lemon drink, suit to freshened your day. These two pair of fruits will never failed to satisfy me, since I always love to make a mix juice of them.

Our new neighbor Nanny's Pavillon: Le Jardin des Fleurs
Confused by the picture above and wondering why there's other Nanny's Pavillon branch in this post? I will explain to you all why I put it here too. Actually at Central Park Mall there's two Nanny's Pavillon branches now. They are Terrace and Le Jardin des Fleurs, located not far from Terrace just like neighbor. Le Jardin des Fleurs means Garden Flowers in France, that's why there's more flowers here than Terrace. For those whose looking for more romantic dinner, I recommend you to try Le Jardin des Fleur. And don't forget that we're approaching Valentine's Day soon, whether Terrace or Le Jardin des Fleur will be a good option to enjoy lunch or dinner with your dearest one. Okay time to go and make plan for my Valentine too.. until my next post ^-^

Nanny's Pavillon Terrace
Central Park Mall
Sogo Unit Cafe - 02 GF

Nanny's Pavillon Le Jardin des Fleur
Central Park Mall
Ground Floor Unit G-213A

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