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Cerita Kuliner Heavenly Blush @ PIM2: Revisits - nuraisya blog

This is my second review for Heavenly Blush, also my first post for 2014. I know this post is a bit late, considering we visited Heavenly Blush at Pondok Indah Mall 2 last year on 24th December and once more on January. But there's nothing to lose to write it down now, it's better late than never right? To know better about Heavenly Blush, you can read at my previous post "Heavenly Blush: Be Good with Yogurt Inspired Food".

When we first saw this restaurant for a second time, there's some ornaments that wasn't there before including a small christmas tree with pictures of people eating their yogurt happily. The christmas tree is there for a reason, it's holiday season. But what about those pictures, who are they? They are some of the contestants for "I'm having #christmasbreeze" twitpic contest with lots of free vouchers as the prize, sorry to say the contest already ended when I write this. So if you don't want to miss any contests from Heavenly Blush you just have to follow their Instagram @heavenlyblushyogurt or Twitter @heavenlyblush. Last time I checked there's already a new program, one luckiest couple will be treated as The Prince and Princess on Valentine's Day. So follow now to get the chance to be a princess and prince on the day full of love...

This is the christmas tree I've mentioned above
Taking a pose while waiting for the food to be prepared
Girls will always be girls in front of camera
Thanks to Sanaly for this lovely pic :)
Without anymore stalling let's go to the food review section. I only explain a little this time, considering I already write more details on my previous post.

Line up of Special Mix and Mocktails
Left to right: Virgin Peach Caprioska, Virgin Kiwi Caprioska, Peach Mango, Blueberry Mango
IDR 37.000 (before tax)
These mix never failed to quenched my thirst. With many choices to pick on the menu, every time I came here I always try a new one. And each time I feel satisfaction, not just because they all made from fresh fruits but they also tasty.

Virgin Peach Caprioska
IDR 37.000 (before tax)
This pure water based mocktail is my personal pick, the taste is super tasty. The sweet taste from peach's cuts and sour that came from the lime's cuts mixed together with Heavenly Blush booster (combination of nutrition and vitamin that can help improve our health) will linger in your mouth wanting for more.

Yogurt Beef Stroganoff, served with mashed potatoes
IDR 60.000 (before tax)
If you like beef, then I recommend this menu for you. The tender strips of beef cooked with yogurt, eat while still hot to get the tastiest flavor of this meal. I choose mashed potatoes again that day instead of roasted baby potatoes or roasted potatoes. 

Yogurt Chicken Baked Breast, served with mashed potatoes
IDR 60.000 (before tax)
This menu is one of my favorites here, baked chicken breast with vegetables inside and creamy yogurt sauce on top served with mashed potatoes again. Maybe I'm too lazy to chew or just a fan of mashed potatoes I'm not sure myself, since every meal I ate here always accompanied by mashed potatoes. But personally I recommend this meal as a must try, unless you don't like creamy food.

Roasted Chicken with Yogurt BBQ Sauce, served with mashed potatoes
IDR 65.000 (before tax)
Okay, now onto another chicken dish on the menu. For the taste, Roasted Chicken is a little sweet compared to other dishes we've tried. But balanced by the salads, beans, mashed potatoes that served together with the chicken and yogurt sauce.

Bread Bowl Yogurt Soup
IDR 45.000 (before tax)
This one is my friend's favorite side dish. With a bread as it's bowl, this soup not only attracts our eyes but also our tongue. This creamy yogurt soup served on a cutting board and came with a croissant to be eaten together. I admit both the soup and croissant are delicious, I can't help to taste them too while hearing my friend bragging on how delicious this soup is.

Frozen Yogurt Mango & Pomegranate, with peach & longan for the topping
start from IDR 27.800 (before tax)
Next is Froyo from Heavenly Blush, like going to Jakarta but never visit Monas. Froyo is a must when you visit Heavenly Blush, came in 4 flavors: original, mango, pomegranate and peach. My favorite no.1 is peach froyo, too bad this flavor exclusive for Heavenly Blush MKG3 only (yeahhh, I've tasted it and fell in love instantly). My second flavor is mango, an alternative when peach is unavailable and I always choose fruits cuts for the topping. But then again they all tasty, both mango and peach are only my personal opinion. Of course everybody has their own favorites right? Froyo's review will end my post this time, eventhough I've tried some of their cakes too but I'll leave them to you all to try and find out about them yourself with a little hint from me "try the Apple Crumble" :) 
Bubye and see you on my next review...

Heavenly Blush
Pondok Indah Mall 2
3rd Floor, #335 at the Restaurant Row
Phone & Delivery Order:
(+62 21) 7592 0762, 7592 0957

Mal Kelapa Gading 3
2nd Floor, #TK-201, across Sogo
Phone & Delivery Order:
(+62 21) 4585 5057

Plaza Indonesia
2nd Floor #071, next to Zara
(+62 21) 2992 3556

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