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Cerita Kuliner Dharma Kitchen: Heaven for Vegetarian - nuraisya blog

Vegetarian is a common knowledge nowadays, almost everybody know or have heard the word Vegetarian. But do you know that there are many varieties of Vegetarianism? Vegetarianism itself is a practice of not eating any meat or flesh of any animal. But this rule can be different depend on the variety of Vegetarianism. For example Veganism excludes all animal flesh and products, such as milk, honey, eggs and any animal-tested products. But in Ovo Vegetarianism allows the consumption of eggs. And Buddhist Vegetarianism is a practice of Buddha's teaching "not to kill" any other beings. There's also healthy reason, many beliefs practicing Vegeterianism can lead you to a healthier life.

So are you a Vegetarian, trying to be a Vegetarian or just want to live a healthy life and bored to cook and prepare all of your meal by yourself? I have good news for your difficulties finding where to eat good vegetarian food. There's a restaurant named DHARMA KITCHEN, here you can pick and eat vegetarian menu that taste almost like ordinary non vegetarian food. DHARMA KITCHEN has couple of branches in Jakarta, the one I go recently was located at CENTRAL PARK MALL, 1st floor #121.

With many variant of the menu, at first you gonna find yourself a little confused which one should I order? Because they all look tasty, which is indeed proven tasty. The menu we pick for dinner that night and I also added some menu I've eaten here on the same year (with the price range from IDR 20.000-70.000 before tax and service charge):
  • Chicken Katsu Hainanese Rice IDR 30.000
  • Basil Chicken Hainanese Rice IDR 30.000
  • Kungpao Chicken
  • Mushroom Sauce String Beans (I loveeee the sauce...)
  • Enoki & Mushrooms also my favourite
  • Lemon Mayonaise Shrimp IDR 68.000
  • Spaghetti Mushroom Cream Sauce IDR 32.000
  • Crispy Seaweed with Mango Sauce I love the unique taste between mango, peanuts and the crispy seaweed (a-must-try) IDR 35.000
  • Red Blood the candy-ish taste not as scary as it's name, a mixed juice of melon, lemon, tomato and lychees IDR 20.000
  • Juice Blues soursop and guava mixed juice IDR 20.000
  • Melon Milkshake IDR 20.000
  • Mix Vegetables mixes juice of vegetables, pineapple and lemon IDR 20.000

Chicken Katsu Hainanese Rice
Kungpao Chicken
Juice Blues & Red Blood
from top left clockwise: Spaghetti Mushroon Cream Sauce, Crispy Seaweed Mango Sauce, Lemon Mayonaise Shrimp
Melon Milkshake
from top left clockwise: Basil Chicken Hainanese Rice, Mix Vegetables, Enoki & Mushrooms
Dharma Kitchen inner seat (recommended for small group, more privacy)
If you go to CENTRAL  PARK MALL, don't forget to stop by at  DHARMA KITCHEN. For more details about DHARMA KITCHEN you can check here.

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