Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

Cerita Kuliner Choki's Diary #2: 1st Time Falling From Height - nuraisya blog

Another report from my pet Choki, last week he fell from the balcony on 2nd floor of my house. And that was also the first time he set foot outside of my house. It happened at night when we all going to sleep. My brother calling him to get inside the house, but when he's trying to get in from outside of the balcony he slip, and not for long we heard he cried from the road outside the house. My father rushed to pick him out, and find him just sit there on the street while crying for help. That night he just sit and sleep all night, still trauma of the incident. But in the morning, he's back to his old self, cheerful and playful. You are growing fast Choki, may you learn not to fall again next time.

Posing while sleeping
Tired after playing all day
When Choki Mommy's necklace still fit

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