Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Cerita Kuliner Tempmas 2012 - nuraisya blog

Do you ever heard about "Tempmas"? Tempmas is a contest held by GBAtemp every the end of the year to celebrate Christmas. The prizes varies every week for whole December, each week the prize will get bigger and better. The first week theme is to make a Holiday Themed Pokemon (Christmas of course).  As a gamer I also join this contest, the only thing I missread was that only base pokemon will be judged not the evolutions. That means I overdoing the evolution pokemon boo hoo hoo, despite of that I'm not giving up to join next week contest. For all of you gamer or non gamer, you're welcome to join.... Merry Tempmas everyone!!

Above: my entry for Tempmas 2012 - 1st week contest

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