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Cerita Kuliner Marugame Udon @ Grand Indonesia - nuraisya blog

It seems just like yesterday I visit the second outlet of Marugame Udon, now it already reach it's eight outlet on 15th October 2014. Within almost two years Marugame Udon has spread it's wings to every nook and cranny of Jakarta and the surround cities, even Surabaya. For the eight outlet the honor goes to Grand Indonesia which located in the center of Jakarta City. And will adding more outlets at another big cities in the future.

A brief about Marugame Udon & Tempura, a restaurant that brought the open kitchen concept, freshly cooked and self-service of udon, rice and tempura. Under the auspices of PT. Sriboga Marugame Indonesia from PT. Sriboga Group. This authentic Japanese restaurant is a franchise from Marugame Seimen. If you want to see the whole process of how the fresh udon made until it served to your tray you can check my previous post "Marugame Udon @ Gandaria City".

As usual the Japanese atmosphere really thick here too, just like the previous outlets
And now let's give another try for the menus here, perhaps many of you guys already knew and tried them before. Like before, after getting your order and pay there's a little table near the cashier to free-refill your drink. Burst eye chili, onion stalk, sesame seed, ginger and crunchy tempura crumbs (tenkatsu) also available here to add more personal taste to your dish.

Niku Udon, IDR 45.000
Udon with sukiyaki meat slices and kake dashi soup. For those who cannot bear to eat in big portion or want to eat more tempuras, this tasty light udon will suit you best.

Tori Baitang Udon, IDR 45.000
Udon for chicken lover, with clear soup and chicken meatballs. This one is rich in flavor but still cannot beat Mentai Kamatama Udon, my favorite udon here.

Egg Tempura, IDR 8.000
Now for the tempura, this little one always been my favorite. When you bite this tempura, the juicy soft-boiled omega egg will melt in your mouth.

My Tempura, still the same old formation
Beef Croquette, IDR 12.000 (top)
Another favorite of mine. A reminder though this one's a little heavy, so choose your udon wisely to balance the portion.
Cuttle Fish Tempura, IDR 12.000 (bottom left)

A bunch of fries to try
From upper left to lower right:
Ebi (shrimp) Tempura, IDR 14.000
Chicken Chili Tempura, IDR 7.000 green chili with chicken as the filling, never an option before it turn out pretty good and soon my new favorite.
Sweet Potato Tempura, IDR 7.000
Tori (chicken) Tempura, IDR 12.000
Broccoli Tempura, IDR 10.000

Rice Menus
Not into udon, don't worry Rice Menu available:
Tendon Tori Rice, IDR 50.000 (upper left)
Japanese rice with Kakiage (vegetable) Tempura, Egg Tempura and Tori Tempura as the toping.
Tendon Seafood Rice, IDR 50.000 (bottom right)
Japanese rice with Kakiage (vegetable) Tempura, Ebi Tempura and Skewered Tofu Roll.

A pack of blogger, it always fun to hangout with you guys...
(courtesy of Yenny Widjaja)
Well, that conclude my story about Marugame Udon, big thanks to Edwin and Adriantomo for the invitation and congratulations to Marugame Udon for the opening of the eight outlet that is exactly today! See you guys later on another posts ^.^

Grand Indonesia
Shopping Town West Mall Level 3A

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