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Cerita Kuliner Popolamama: The First Fresh Pasta Chain in Indonesia - nuraisya blog

Last week my friend offer an invitation from Popolamama, an Italian restaurant chain that famous in Japan. Since Italian food is one of my favorites, so I accept the invitation immediately. Popolamama came from two Italian words popolare (popular) and mama, which means in Italy the most delicious dish always come form mom's cooking. Of course mom's cooking always the best in any part of the world.

Popolamama's logo, a little different with the one in Japan
Popolamama start it's journey in Japan from 1995 up 'till now it already has 170 chains. And thanks to JC Comsa the license holder for Popolamama chains outside of Japan, Popolamama is available in Indonesia now. Not only that it also became the first restaurant that served fresh pasta and homemade pizza in Indonesia. You can find Popolamama at Sudirman Plaza and Mal Taman Anggrek, soon in Grand Indonesia. Another fun fact that all of you and your friends can enjoy these Italian dishes since it holds the 100% halal certificate.

Easy to spot location, Sudirman Plaza's branch
Fresh pasta not like other restaurant that uses dry/packaged pasta, Popolamama uses fresh pasta made from 100% Durum Wheat (the king of grain) ground into Semolina Flour that only need heating once to prevent the nutrition loss. Has great texture and chewy pasta.

Modern minimalist concept with 75 seat capacities
Homemade Pizza adopting Napoli style with much more simple topping. Thin but chewy dough. Baked using special technique and oven at a very high temperature to fit the Napoli pizza standard. Oven kicked rim and nicely burn crust is one of the Napoli authenticity you can enjoy at Popolamama.

The making of handcrafted Napoli style pizza
Caffe Carraro Italian coffee that established since 1927 with composition 90% arabica and 10% robusta, with compact and persistent creaminess, fragrant and fruity aroma, rich and velvety flavor that can compete with other famous coffee brands in Jakarta.

Carraro coffee creations in the making
Popolamama dishes consist of 90% Italian menu with 10% Japanese taste. Beside the pasta and pizza, there are also appetizers, side dishes, fresh juices, mocktails, ice cream, tea and coffee.

Let's scroll and roll the menus then...

Share the food and happiness with your loved ones
Appetizers (clockwise): Spicy Beef Krakauer, Japanese Mushroom Salad, Popolamama Salad
Spicy Beef Krakauer IDR 45.000
Spicy Sausage, served with broccoli, potatoes and Neapolitan sauce
Japanese Mushroom Salada IDR 30.000
Mixed Green, cherry tomatoes, Bunashimeji and Eringi mushrooms served with Japanese Dressing & Kizami Nori
Popolamama Salad IDR 26.000
Mixed Green, grana padano, cherry tomatoes, onion, sweet corn served with Thousand Island Dressing

Hot & cold: Hot Ocha IDR 10.000
Iced Pink Grapefruit Lychee Tea IDR 28.000
Bolognese Potato Gratin IDR 30.000
Potatoes, bolognese sauce baked with cheddar cheese and mozzarella
Classic Bolognese IDR 48.000
Wafu Soy Sauce Based Pasta with smoked beef, spinach & rucola IDR 50.000
Aglio Olio with Tuna IDR 48.000
Cream Sauce Style with smoked beef, spinach & rucola IDR 50.000
Pepperoncino Basil with potato and chicken sausage IDR 55.000
Neapolitan with chicken sausage IDR 52.000
Beef Pepperoni IDR 60.000 / pan
Classic Pizza Margherita IDR 50.000 / pan
Banana Caramel Pizza IDR 55.000 / pan
Three Japanese Mushroom IDR 65.000 / pan
My favorite combo: Cappuccino and
Apple Cinnamon Pizza IDR 55.000 / pan
Carraro collection (clockwise): Cappuccino IDR 25.000
Black Coffee IDR 17.000
Caramel Latte IDR 32.000
Desserts: Hazelnut Dark Chocolate IDR 42.000
Apple Pie IDR 38.000
Amongst the menus above although they all proven tasty of course I have my own favorites and they are Japanese Mushroom Salad for appetizer, Pepperoncino Basil for pasta, and Beef Pepperoni for pizza. For dessert I prefer Apple Cinnamon Pizza and Hazelnut Dark Chocolate (a must for dark chocolate fans). Cappucino and Caramel Latte (I love the mild sweetness from this drink) also nice choices for hot drinks, especially for those who adore coffee. Overall Popolamama is a great place to hangout with your family, colleagues or friends, with wi-fi support, nice enviroment and of course a lot of tasty dishes to pick on the menu. Where else you can enjoy Italian food as tasty and as fresh as your mom's cooking?

Plaza Indofood Tower GF
Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kav 75-78
Twitter: @popolamama_id

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