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Cerita Kuliner BonChon @ Grand Indonesia - nuraisya blog

Finally, I have the time to write a review about Bon Chon, a chain store restaurant that came from the ginseng country, South Korea. This is not the first time I eat here, I already eat here for several time before. But for my friend, this is her first. And the branch we choose this time located at Grand Indonesia, Sky Bridge, 5th Floor. We choose this branch not by random or any particular reason beside being the middle point between my place and my friend's place (as always).

Bon Chon, Grand Indonesia
Bon Chon Chicken have one mission which is to make their authentic Korean Fried Chicken to be worldwide known. With branches throughout the world such as United States, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and probably more in the future. And here's a little story behind Bon Chon's success. Honestly what is your image about fried chicken? Make you fat, unhealthy and many negative thoughts about fast foods. This is the difference between Bon Chon Chicken compare to ordinary fried chickens, by producing delicious, healthy, crispy, juicy, non greasy fried chicken in two flavors, regular and spicy. Why healthy? How? These are their answers...

The secret recipe for a low fat and tasty fried chicken
Bon Chon also a good place to hangout with your friends. Wood accent decorating almost the entire place from walls and the furniture along with the colors of black and white, describing the modern minimalist concept. Free wi-fi is another plus point for this place, you can eat, sit and relax here while surfing the internet or just chatting. I personally think Bon Chon really suit for teenagers, but it doesn't meant adults are not fit here. I'm also an adult, and I always enjoy my eating experience at Bon Chon. The waitress always nice, fast service and of course delicious food, I think that's all I need for a good place to eat.

Bon Chon's interior, wood accent all over the place
Introducing Triple Treat from Bon Chon
And now for the menu we tried that day are new menus from Bon Chon that released at the end of year 2013 and  called Triple Treat, consists of (Fried) Rice Bowl, Sweet Fries and Polka Drinks. I will apologize first because of my belated review (I just got back from a vacation), actually there are new menus available now at Bon Chon, they are Bibimbap and Wonderland Drinks. But I have to hold them for some other time, okay let me continue with the food review.

The packaging also unique, with round paper cup and bowl
Sweet Chilli Rice
IDR 25.000 (before tax)
A bowl of rice, chicken bites with sweet chilli sauce and salads. The taste is almost the same with Bon Chon's regular chicken bites except the sauce. This menu was my friend's choice, for rice bowl's portion maybe not enough for men but suit us ladies.

Mango Tango
IDR 15.000 (before tax)
For the drink I chose Mango Tango from many choices of Polka Drinks. The drink itself is a combination of soda, syrup and bubbles. They come in five variant Lychee Cola, Fairly Lychee, Mango Tango, Lime Punch and Merry Berry.

Black Pepper Rice
IDR 25.000 (before tax)
Another rice bowl menu, almost the same with Sweet Chilli Rice, the only difference is the sauce I chose is black pepper. If I must recommend, I prefer black pepper sauce than sweet chilli. Ohhh, I almost forgot you can choose fried rice instead of rice for all rice bowl menus.

Sweet Fries
IDR 12.727 (before tax)
And to complete the Triple Treat that day is Sweet Fries, still same old potato fries only modified a little. Just like it's name this sidedish really suit for sweet holic, these potatoe fries come with sprinkle of sugar / caramel sauce and brown sows.

Small Mochi Ice Cream (3pcs)
IDR 15.000 (before tax)
These mochis are my favorites from Bon Chon, came with three flavors strawberry, chocolate and vanilla for the filling. Every time I visit Bon Chon, this sidedish is a must. Available on 3 packages, small (3 pcs), medium (6 pcs), and large (9 pcs). You can choose all chocolate, strawbery, vanilla or mix from those three.

Regular Spicy Chicken (4 Thighs)
IDR 39.545 (before tax)
And these are Bon Chon's debut, Korean Fried Chicken with two choices of flavor spicy and original.  I personally fall in love as soon as I taste the spicy one at my first visit at Bon Chon, Gandaria City. The taste is quite different compare to other fried chickens, unique but tasty. Available in combo meal (with rice and drink), regular and basket size that contain Fried Chicken pieces with different amount depend on which pieces you choose. For the regular size for example, you can choose to get four thighs, six wings, three drumsticks, or six strips.

Large Fries
IDR 15.909 (before tax)
Just ordinary potato fries, I don't have to describe more for this sidedish. Who doesn't like french fries raise your hand please? Nobody I bet. Fried chicken and fries always make a great combo, soulmate I called it.

Delivery service also available, just call 5000-51
Okay that's all the info I can provide for now, you must come and taste it for yourself to proof all I'm writing here. Relax, for Bon Chon's already spreading it's wings now, you probably don't have to go far to taste the delicious meal from Bon Chon. You can check the nearest branch at it's website, you can find the link at the end of this review. Still too lazy to go but hungry for Bon Chon's meal, you can try for the delivery option (minimum order applied). So enjoy your experience with Bon Chon now and see you until my next food review ^_^

Bon Chon

Bon Chon
Grand Indonesia
Sky Bridge 5th floor

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